Upcoming Episode: Slings & Arrows, Aug. 28

Episode 6: The Promised End

Lear’s cancellation has made Geoffrey’s future at the New Burbage Festival untenable. Richard searches for a new Artistic Director and finds one surprisingly close at hand and Ellen finally gives Barbara her marching orders. Geoffrey and Charles find salvation on a stage in a church community centre, and Oliver resolves the puzzle of his (non)existence. Our series ends, as all Shakespearean comedies do: with a wedding and a song.


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Episode: Slings & Arrows, Aug. 28”

  1. hey, does anybody know where to find any torrents for this awesome show? i’ve seen episodes 1-5 but i missed the finale tonight.

  2. I’ve been looking for torrents for this show too! like crazy. I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes of this season, but I desperately want to see the others.

  3. I don’t know about torrents, but The Movie Network repeats the episodes several times – check the official show site (link in the post) for future airings.

  4. I’m an American viewer, and I’ve been searching for SLINGS torrents too. (I have screeners of the first two seasons, but am rabid to see the third before it hits Sundance in 2007.) It seems both hardly possible yet altogether likely that the fanboys and tekfolk likely to capture and upload a TV series are not among the audience likely to watch SLINGS & ARROWS (though you’d think — just one). Has anyone got VHS or off-air DVD to copy and/or trade?

  5. Hi honey, are you the same Pelphus who just sent me ReGenesis DVDs? You really get around. Congrats on your active life. I will email a confirmation that the discs were received.
    Thanks again

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