Chris Haddock’s Intelligence premieres Tuesday, Oct. 10 AT 9 P.M. ON CBC-TV

From a CBC media release:

INTELLIGENCE, the highly-anticipated new dramatic series from Chris Haddock (DaVinci’s Inquest, The Handler), starring Ian Tracey (DaVinci’s Inquest, Milgaard) and Klea Scott (Brooklyn South, Millennium), ignites the airwaves Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 9 p.m. on CBC Television.

The critically-acclaimed two-hour series pilot, to be re-broadcast on CBC-TV Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 8 p.m., just received five Gemini nominations for Best Television Movie, Best Writing (Haddock), Best Direction (Stephen Surjik) and Best Performance by Lead Actor and Actress for Tracey and Scott.

As delivered in the pilot, Intelligence promises a volatile first season laden with conspiracy, betrayal and reprisal, as both sides of the law play a cat-and-mouse game of exploitation and cover-up. The 13-part hour-long series picks up where the pilot left off. Jimmy Reardon (Tracey), third generation crime boss, and Mary Spalding (Scott), Director of Vancouver’s Organized Crime Unit (OCU), made deals with the devil-that is, each other. Jimmy agreed to work with Mary as a star informant, and Mary made a deal to protect Reardon from prosecution. Each will attempt to use the other without getting caught in the act.

Reardon works with a treacherous gang of cut-throat dope dealers, pimps and thieves, including his right-hand man Ronnie Delmonico, played by John Cassini (The Handler, Robson Arms). While Jimmy and Ronnie struggle to keep their team in line and out of jail, Spalding has her hands full dealing with a clutch of errant, power hungry intelligence agents anxious to see her fail and their own careers advance. Heading this voracious pack is her immediate underling, veteran agent and loose cannon, Ted Altman, played by Matt Frewer (Taken, Max Headroom).

Reardon must juggle his ongoing criminal business while co-operating just enough with Spalding to satisfy her OCU and CSIS bosses, while Spalding must handle Reardon carefully, using him to infiltrate the major gangs on the West Coast without crossing the line and getting caught in a criminal conspiracy that will increase his influence. The season begins with both players cleaning house, getting rid of their worst agents and informants. The blood letting begins.

“There are a million reasons to watch this show,” says Haddock. “It’s part mystery, part thriller, all character and conspiracy, portrayed by an incredibly talented group of actors. This volatile mix of gangster and spy genres should be pretty addictive and a lot of fun to watch.”

“We are extremely proud to be broadcasting this extraordinary, original series on CBC,” says Fred Fuchs, executive director, CBC Arts and Entertainment. “Chris Haddock’s stories are based with one foot in reality, which makes it very contemporary-it’s fresh and real, and resonates with what people are reading in the headlines. We can’t wait to see the response to this intense, explosive series.”

Intelligence is a Haddock Entertainment production produced with the financial participation of CBC, Telefilm Canada, the CTF – License Fee Program, the Canadian Western Independent Program Fund, the Canadian and British Columbian Production Tax Credit Programs and CBC International Sales.

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