Upcoming series: Rumours premieres Oct. 9 on CBC

From a CBC media release:

The Rumours are True – Sexy, Funny and Irresistible New 20-Episode Series Rumours Premieres on CBC Television, Monday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m.

The much anticipated television series RUMOURS debuts on CBC Television, Monday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. with half-hour back-to-back episodes. The series offers a modern look at hip urban living through the eyes of the staff at a Toronto-based women’s gossip and lifestyle magazine. Sinfully funny, the show explores sex, love, friendship, family and business, and the amusing way the lines between them blur and collide.

Viewers will get hooked on the funny and fresh characters that inhabit the world of RUMOURS: ambitious, but neurotic Sarah Barnaby (Amy Price-Francis), the “intellectual caveman” Ben Devlin (David Haydn-Jones), the straight-shooting, free-spirited Helen (Sadie LeBlanc), and the icy publisher Michelle Lawrence (Jennifer Dale). The talented cast also includes magazine staffers Frank (Phil Jarrett), Charles (Anthony Lemke), Sandra (Cindy Sampson) and Emily (Lucinda Davis), plus Ben’s sister Katie (Stephanie Anne Mills) and son Felix (Elliott Larson).

RUMOURS comes to English television with an excellent pedigree. Rumeurs, the French version on Radio-Canada, has been a mega-hit in Quebec and is entering its fifth season. Creative head of CBC Television Comedy Anton Leo said, “When executive producers Moses Znaimer and Jocelyn Deschnes approached the CBC about producing Rumours, I was delighted. The characters are sexy, cheeky and are entwined in funny, provocative storylines. Along with their impressive track record, Jocelyn and Moses have delivered a fabulous cast, an award-winning writer and stylized look that should have audiences across the country addicted to RUMOURS.”

RUMOURS is written by Isabelle Langlois and directed by Éric Tessier. Executive producers are Jocelyn Deschnes and Moses Znaimer. It is a Sphere Media/MZTV production in association with CBC Television.


5 thoughts on “Upcoming series: Rumours premieres Oct. 9 on CBC”

  1. I have just watched the first four episodes of Rumours and wonder, if it was originally from the French show Rumeurs, why did they have to do the English version in TORONTO? It is so cliché and boring and doesn’t everyone in the ROC love to dis T.O. anyway. Make it more like the Quebec version and move it to Montreal. The characters are pedantic and predictable and that kid is a real brat who more than deserves two spankings. (I have three sons and live in Quebec.) and for B.Mercer, it’s the Tudors, from England, get it?

  2. Sadie, have just started watching your show, love your haircut, where do u get it cut, i spend xmas in Toronto, so possibily i could use the information. Thanks a lot, Diana Marie. P.S. Am really enjoying the show.

  3. I love this show, where I can watch the whole thing? (on tv5monde I’ve watched only a few of them)

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