Upcoming series: Cover Stories, A-Channel, Sept. 29

From a CHUM media release:

A New Series takes an Intimate Look at the Making of an International Fashion Magazine ith “FashionTelevision’s” Jeanne Beker

Premieres on A-Channel Friday, September 29th

Get the Real Story Behind the Front Page

Just how much work goes into securing a cover at one of fashion’s hottest magazines? Find out when the new series, “Cover Stories” with Jeanne Beker, premieres on A-Channel, Friday, September 29th.

The broadcast schedule is as follows:

A-Channel Barrie/Toronto                Friday, September 29th at 8:30 pm ET
A-Channel Ottawa                        Friday, September 29th at 8:30 pm ET
A-Channel London                        Friday, September 29th at 8:30 pm ET
A-Channel Victoria                      Sunday, October 1st at 8:30 pm PT

“FashionTelevision’s” Host Jeanne Beker knows the fashion world inside and out – she’s been covering the international style scene for over 20 years. As one of the top style correspondents in the world, Jeanne was a trailblazer and one of the first to cover fashion as entertainment on TV. While television was the medium that first put her into the international spotlight, Jeanne has since expanded her influence and expertise as Editor-In-Chief of the oversized glossy magazine, “FQ”.

Jeanne’s high-profile and credibility have given her what every journalist strives for – access!! Whether it’s top designers, photographers, models or celebrities, Jeanne knows them all and more importantly, they all know her. Now, she’s leading a team of professionals, including international media entrepreneur Michael King and the talented groups at FQ and SIR magazines, in a documentary series that takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry.

“Cover Stories” brings the inner workings of the alluring and fascinating fashion world to audiences, exposing the egos behind the icons and the drama behind the dresses. The series will examine the industry through the eyes of those inside the fast paced, high fashion world, giving a rare perspective from those who know it best. So put on your best Dolce & Gabbana, strap on your Jimmy Choo’s and get ready for an “all access, VIP pass” to some of the worlds most exclusive destinations, parties and events, and best of all, a no-holds-barred portrayal of creating Canada’s international magazines of style.

“Cover Stories” is co-executive produced by Jeanne Beker and David Greener.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Cover Stories” Friday, September 29th on A-Channel. “Cover Stories” also airs Fridays at 8:30 pm ET (5:30 pm PT) on FashionTelevisionChannel.


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  1. I missed the new “Cover Stories” program. Can I please buy a copy of it or will it be on again anytime soon?

    Thank you, Karin

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