Upcoming episode: Intelligence, CBC, Sept. 26

From the CBC website:

Let the conspiracy, betrayal and reprisals begin

In the critically acclaimed pilot for Intelligence, crime boss Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey) has stolen files that could destroy CSIS and Vancouver’s Organized Crime Unit. They’ll do whatever it takes to get them back.

The two-hour pilot garnered five Gemini nominations for Best Television Movie, Best Writing (Chris Haddock), Best Direction (Stephen Surjik) and Best Performance by Lead Actor and Actress for Tracey and Klea Scott.

Brand new episodes ignite the airwaves starting Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 9pm on CBC Television.


4 thoughts on “Upcoming episode: Intelligence, CBC, Sept. 26”

  1. Why is their no web site except that crappy flash site that doesn’t work on half the computers I use.

    They should be paying YOU – your site is more relevant!

    CBC is so STUPID in how it uses the web.

  2. They’re actually launching a show site soon that will have more information (and be less reliant on Flash). It’s going to have some cool stuff, too. Watch for it at the same URL (www.intelligencetv.com) before the series premiere on Oct. 10.

  3. The Haddock team has been working their collective fingers to the bone finalizing shooting of the series. They have a website online at this time which will be updated regularly (www.cbc.ca/intelligence) as Diane said. Look for them in the near future all over the web.

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