3 thoughts on “In the news: October 1970 revisits FLQ crisis”

  1. I caught the first episode last night – this is the best thing the CBC has put out in years! The setting and the characters seem authentic. I like the focus on the street-level players – the cops and the kidnappers – rather than the politicians sitting around debating the events.

  2. Derek!!! Thanks. We worked hard to keep it that way — cops, kidnappers and low level politico’s — too many people think of the FLQ thing as only the imposition of the war measures act and that, to me, is boring coffee table yack that has been done to death. keep watching. it gets better.

  3. I watched epsiode 1 last evening. Good work. If the CBC produced all of their shows with this quality, there wouldn’t be any discussion over the broadcaster’s federal funding.
    Looking forward to the remaining 7 episodes.

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