Upcoming episode: Global Currents, Oct. 14: Dads Who Fought Back

From Global:

This Week On ‘Global Currents’…
“Dads Who Fought Back”

Saturday, October 14th at 7 p.m. ET/PT (60 mins.)
DADS WHO FOUGHT BACK profiles a wide range of issues….from the emotional child custody battles of two desperate fathers facing a system they feel has developed a deep gender bias against men, to the progress of activist groups including “Fathers for Justice” using guerrilla-like tactics to draw attention to this widespread problem. Along with a startling examination of the Canadian family court system, the documentary provides perspective from both its supporters, and those calling for a change to current divorce laws governing paternal access.

About ‘GLOBAL CURRENTS’: Global National’s Kevin Newman hosts this critically acclaimed documentary series committed to revealing extraordinary perspectives and issues affecting all Canadians. Each one-hour, independently-produced documentary represents the talents of Canada’s best socio-political, environmental, humanist and scientific documentary filmmakers.

Other documentaries in the series include:

* Polygamy’s Lost Boys – October 21
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* Thin Ice – December 9

*Broadcast schedules are subject to change.


4 thoughts on “Upcoming episode: Global Currents, Oct. 14: Dads Who Fought Back”

  1. Hey Canadian TV/Diane, great job promoting our canadian television, and showing everyone that it really is a thriving art up here.


    P.S. Corner Gas rules!

  2. This is a powerful message to the unwary public. Dad’s are being crucified financially, and stripped of primary parent status through this outdated family law system, and the wrath of women who know the power of the law is on their side.

    Come on public. Just because it is legal for a mother to cut a dad out of the children’s lives, doesn’t mean it is right.

  3. I have to agree with these men. I have seen many women accuse men of some horrible untrue things against their children. I believe that just because you are the mother doesn’t make you any more of a parent than the father would be. Usually both people are learning parenting right from the start equally. And I think that the child support rates should be changed . It is unfair to paying parents. I refused to take a unreasonable amount that the lawyers had worked out for my ex and myself. So I spoke up and had it reduced. People have lives to live also. I think that if you were in love when you met you should be respectful when you leave.

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