2 thoughts on “Upcoming episode: Rumours, CBC, Oct. 16”

  1. It’s about 9:40 Monday night, and I just watched Rumours for the first time. I think this is probably the worst show on television right now. The makers of this program have nothing to say about workplace relationships, and the comedy comes across as false. I work in Toronto, and can’t imagine anybody acting the way these characters behave.

    For example, there was scene after scene of the guy acting “macho”, but he works at a gossip magazine and has red wine with lunch? Maybe I could believe this character if they worked at a bar or something. Also, the guy chases his sister’s boyfriend out of the apartment with threats of violence, and she’s all right with that? Give me a break!

    You want to make us laugh, you have to show us something connected to reality. How can anybody relate to these people?

  2. It’s about 11:00 Wednesday night, and I just read your dramatic over view of a show that I rather liked this past Monday. If you can not name a single t.v show that is worse–well you simply have a problem. Maybe it’s trashy American shows that you would rather watch that hour like the Bacelor for instance. Let’s be honest here Derek,
    maybe it was not your cup of tea, but it was mine. And as far as “connecting to reality”
    watch Survivor or something not a half hour comedy/drama.

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