One thought on “In the news: CBC ratings tailspin”

  1. This article makes a good point about the timing of Hockey: A People’s History. I think it was a mistake to put this show on in the fall, instead of in later in the hockey season. They could have used Hockey Night In Canada as a platform to promote the show. They could have even put the show on either right before the game or later that night and it would have got better ratings!

    I think the CBC needs to pay attention to what’s on the American networks when they make up their primetime schedule. Maybe putting Hockey: A People’s History on opposite Desperate Houswives – one of the highest rated shows in Canada – was a mistake. The CBC needs to pay attention to the competition, instead of acting like they are the only channel in town. The low ratings on Intelligence and Dragon’s Den can also be attributed, in part, to the fact that they are on opposite top-rated shows: Law and Order and Lost.

    The American networks put a lot of time and energy into researching the competing networks’ schedules before they make up their own. The CBC needs to learn do the same.

    And yes, that means counter-programming against, or at least around, the Americans.

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