2 thoughts on “In the news: Ratings, October 1970, Dragons’ Den”

  1. I submit this quote for your consideration —

    “The ratings are only calculated in TORONTO, and VANCOUVER. Smaller markets are included such as HALIFAX, CALGARY, EDMONTON and WINNIPEG but this is only on a selective basis.

    Here’s some information for you. QUEBEC numbers are not included on reported ratings. So you won’t see the numbers for OCTOBER 1970 on any reported ratings sheet out of Quebec. Quebec being the interest market for this show.

    This is unfortunate because the true numbers are not there. This is the case for many shows not only on CBC but other networks as well.

    Althought the numbers are not the greatest– October’s Ratings were estimated at just under 498,000 in Canada last week.

    I work for BBM Canada and deal with external accounts. If you have any questions please feel free to write me.

    Judah Otto
    1500 Don Mills Road, 3rd Floor
    Toronto, ON M3B 3L7”

  2. That’s true of Dragons’ Den ratings, too, and all the other BBM ratings reports linked to from this site, and that most reporters use for their stories – we’re talking non-Quebec ratings. Ratings and their interpretation, like any statistics, should always be taken with a grain of salt.

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