In the news: Rent-a-Goalie renewed

From Channel Canada:

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3 thoughts on “In the news: Rent-a-Goalie renewed”

  1. Hey, I didn’t hear this anywhere else this week. Good news! I am so NOT the demo for this show, but I’ve seen every episode and liked it. It is authentic. And Showcase did a good job promoting it.

    Now, let’s get all viral about Cake, shall we?

  2. What a great show, eh? I like the hockey and the guy stuff and my girlfriend likes Cake. She’s kind of obsessed with him actually. but I don’t mind since the show is funny and takes place in Toronto, the best city in Canada!

  3. I LOVE this show! And I don’t even watch hockey that much. The yurt episode had to be the best. God bless cake, the best mungi on earth.

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