One thought on “Upcoming episode: Intelligence, CBC, Dec. 5”

  1. This is such an awesomely well written show. This episode is yet *another* rich, multi-layered, exciting. action packed (but not mindlessly) installment. Every actor and every character in the series from Reardon and Mary to bit parts like the cop (Hakawa?) who informs the Disciples boss of his nephew’s death is on the screen and in the scene for a reason: what great writing and directing!

    Even in the final wrap up minutes of the episode where Bob and Jimmy catch up with the guy who knifed Mike there’s a great scene. Bob’s a small quiet guy and he walks funny but he gets the job done. in the car after whatever happened in the washroom is over we get a 5 seond side camera angle on Bob’s face: no dialog needed the job is not easy. When Mike says “thanks Bob” he replies, “that’s what I’mhere for” and there’s just a touch of a hint that he might not completely enjoy his line of work. This is an actor who can act with the side of his face mostly obscured in shadow! A lilt or a change of tone in the voice and the whole imagined inner world of a charactershifts. Bravo!

    Scene for scene and character for character this series is batting 100.00. The only irritating shallow character is Reardon’s wife but then again … she’s supposed to be :-)

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