3 thoughts on “In the news: High hopes for Little Mosque on the Prairie”

  1. The CBC would have jumped even higher for a show about a lesbian, wheelchair bound, Muslim who hates the seal hunt but supports Inuit fur trading. Such is the state of the poor tax payer in the socialist utopia.

  2. That’s such an easy layup. Whether or not the show’s any good, I guess I’ll be thankful you’re not writing comedy for the CBC, Mike. I mean, “wheelchair bound? lesbian?” 1988 called. They want that joke back.

  3. That’s why I updated the joke with the seal hunt hating Muslim who loves the Inuit fur trade. It’s a knee jerk left against left tension. The CBC hates Newfoundland seal hunters, but loves Inuit seal hunters. It’s delicious.

    And – if you’ve seen the clips on the mosque’s web site, it was about as funny as the show seems to get – if they are showing their good stuff on the web page. Maybe they put their lamest stuff on the site though.

    The other thing I learned by watching the clips on the show’s web site — white people are really stupid.

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