Canadian Idol Seeks Musicians as Audition Rules Changed

From CTV:

  • In a North American first, competitors can play instruments while auditioning
  • Mall Tour format continues as auditions hit 10 cities in search of the next Canadian Idol
  • Specific venue details soon to be announce

As Eva Avila finalizes plans for her 2007 national concert tour, CTV announced today details on the search for the next Canadian Idol. As revealed on eTalk last night, Canadian Idol’s Season 5 Audition Tour begins Saturday, January 27 in Vancouver before hitting malls in nine more cities across the country through mid-April. eTalk also revealed a new approach to the audition process that will now provide Canadian Idol hopefuls with the option of playing musical instruments while auditioning for the vocal competition, broadening the scope of the search for the winner.

Auditions will be held in the following 10 cities on the following dates.

Venue information will soon be announced (all information subject to change):

City Dates
Vancouver, BC January 27/28
Calgary, AB February 10/11
Saskatoon, SK February 17/18
Winnipeg, MB February 24/25
London, ON March 3/4
Montreal, QC March 10/11
Ottawa-Gatineau March 17/18
Halifax, NS March 24/25
St. John’s, NL April 4
Toronto, ON April 12/13

Previously, auditions for Canadian Idol were strictly an a cappella process. Now, in a North American first, performers are welcome to accompany themselves, adding a new musical component to the audition phase that could return later in the series.”We are very excited about musicians being able to accompany themselves in the auditions,” said Executive Producer John Brunton. “Canadian Idol remains a vocal competition, but we’re hoping this new element brings out people who may have never considered auditioning before.”

Competitors will be judged evenly on their singing, whether playing instruments or singing a cappella. Those choosing to play an instrument will also be judged on their playing abilities.

In 2004, Canadian Idol was the first Idol program in the world to feature instruments on a non-performance show in Season 2. Following Canada’s lead, several other Idol shows went on to emulate this element, including American Idol. Considered one of the most innovative Idol programs in the world, Canadian Idol once again pushes the format as competitors could possibly continue to perform instruments as the series progresses through the summer of 2007.

As in Season 4, the 2007 Canadian Idol “Easy-Access” tour makes it easier than ever to audition. There is no need to line up as competitors can choose the day and time they want to audition: registration is open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on each day of auditions. As well, almost all of the auditions are scheduled on weekends and most of the auditions will be held at malls.

Auditions for Canadian Idol are open to all Canadians between the ages of 16 and 28 (inclusive) as of February 1, 2007. Complete rules and regulations as well as registration forms will be posted at in early 2007.

Season 5 of Canadian Idol will return to CTV this June, building on the success of the series’ fourth season. Starting off the season with a record 12,000 auditions, Season 4 ended with an astonishing 36.4 million votes cast by viewers – more than one for every man, woman and child in the country.

Season 4 reached 55 per cent of the English Canadian population, meaning that one out of every two people in the country watched some part of the series last summer.

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