3 thoughts on “In the news: TV criticism in Canada”

  1. Terrific shout outs for you and DMc. Makes me think I should adopt an alias soon … too many people are finding you guys online ;-)

  2. At least you’ve already got the one-name thing going for you. (“Who me? No, I’m not *that* Caroline who happens to have a strikingly similar career and voice.”) I have the optional last name. Hey, we’re just like Britney. But c’mon, aren’t you inspired by DMc to see how honest you can be without killing your career? Sounds like fun to me.

  3. Chuh. He’s fearless, and maybe a little reckless. More so than I, but I think he’s 100% Irish and I’m a mutt. I can only afford to live so dangerously ;-) I must say, you must both be pleased since that was mighty high praise coming from Mr. Doyle. You must get together and have drinks with Denis while he’s out there. A meeting of the minds as it were.

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