2 thoughts on “In the news: Little Mosque on the Prairie”

  1. I watched “Little Mosque” on Tuesday and was very impressed. There were a few too many “all-white-people-think-muslims-are-terrorists” jokes, but I’m willing to accept some of that in the pilot. What impressed me the most was the depth of the non-white characters. There is a great variety of personalities inside the muslim community of Mercy, and the makings of much future comedy. I’m looking forward to watching the second episode.

    By the way – why did the CBC put the first episode on a Tuesday night, when the real timeslot is on Monday night? That was a boneheaded move that will confuse the heck out of people.

  2. I loved the show, I’m so proud to live in a country where a show like this can come on. Im not surprised about the national post publishing that cartoon, everyone knows its one of the more right-wing newspapers that this country has. I wish this show all the success in the world!

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