Upcoming episode: Ed’s Up, OLN, Jan. 17

From OLN:

From rock star to real tough guy, see what happens when Barenaked Ladies’ Ed Robertson puts down the guitar, takes to the skies and slogs away in some very un-rock star occupations when OLN presents Ed’s Up, a new original 13-part series airing Wednesdays.

In each episode, Robertson, an avid recreational pilot, receives a set of GPS coordinates from a “mystery person,” who clearly wants to see him sweat it out! He then flies to the unknown location – some of which includes a tree-planting camp, ocean survival training, steel mill, navy training camp and a CFL practice with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats – and has to immediately get to work. These jobs are very physical and at times incredibly dangerous. But why would an international rock star risk life and limb doing these crazy challenges? Simply put, this series gives Robertson a chance to prove to himself and the world that although he’s a pampered celebrity, he’s tough enough to work alongside some of this country’s unsung heroes. Will this soulful musician from Scarborough, Ontario hack it, or get sent packing?

Episode Twelve – “Rock Quarry / Saw Mill”
Wed., Jan. 17 at 8:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. PT