The Jane Show returns Feb. 7

From Global:

The Jane Show returns…after a successful series debut which was heralded by TV critic, Joel Rubinoff as “…laugh-out-loud funny and subversively cool…” and by The Globe and Mail as “the voice of reason in a nutty world…,” the critically acclaimed Canadian Original series starring Torontonian Teresa Pavlinek, makes its sophomore premiere with season 2 in early February.

Thursdays at 10pm, starting February 7
Episode: “Moving On Up”
Stirred up by an e-mail from an ex-boyfriend, in which Jane sees photos of his successful life (job, wife and kids), Jane wonders what she’s been doing for the past 10 years. She quickly learns that there is a new job opening on the 4th floor for the position of Senior Sales Manager – the same title as her own boss, Stella (who, like Jane, also feels she’s wasted time by not having had a baby). To her surprise, Jane finds her main rival for the position is Walton, who doesn’t know if he can “date down” once he lands it. Jane furiously competes with him, only to blow the job interview. Instead of getting the job, Walton is offered a position heading up a Spirits outlet in Baghdad. Walton leaves it up to Jane to decide his fate, asking the question, “Would you rather I stayed?”