Upcoming episode: Intelligence, CBC, Jan. 30

From CBC:

Season finale:
Reardon tries to uncover who within CSIS is planning to out him as an informant. Without support from Ottawa, Mary is forced to try and remove Royden, the American mole, herself. Reardon heads to the U.S. where the DEA trap awaits him.


6 thoughts on “Upcoming episode: Intelligence, CBC, Jan. 30”

  1. I just stumbled across your site after watching the Intelligence season one finale last night — it’s fantastic!! Since you have the Vancouver hook-up, please, PLEASE tell me Chris Haddock is already at work on season two!!!!

  2. Loved the show and the entire season. I hope it is brought back for another year or two. Finally a decent CBC show.

  3. best show on TV. Congrats to CBC, but now they have to advertise it better. Maybe movie theaters? Newspapers? whatever it takes. This show has to go on!

  4. excellent series!!! bravo cbc!!!
    this program and at the hotel is what this network needs
    and they do it well
    beats the crap outta the us counterparts
    cant wait for the return of the next season
    great acting not to over the top you get the feeling its natural
    and the soundtrack is very fitting as wellsean tozer i think?? good stuff!!
    i agree with reviewer above needs mucho marketing
    people will be hooked by the pace the show sets not to jumpy yet
    enough that your not bored
    sorta like 24 in a good sense
    keep it up to all involved in this production
    chris in toronto

  5. I love “Intelligence”. I agree this program needs advertising. I can’t wait for the next season. The story have a lot of things going on, it has interesting plot, many twists, great characters and performances, FAST pace. It makes me think this is really what is happening in real life. Congratulation to CBC. Right on! Best program in CBC!

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