Upcoming series: Pretty Dangerous, Global, Wednesdays

Pretty Dangerous, a stylish and irreverent new series documents the harrowing, true stories of “bad girls” and the seemingly endless parade of male fools they have scammed, bilked, and sometimes murdered for money. The first of eight half-hour episodes kicks off on Wednesday, February 7 – 10:30pm ET/PT on Global Television with the remarkable tale of Toronto con artist Tracy Sargent, who used her sexuality to defraud a variety of besotted men out of more than a million dollars over 20 years.

In the series’ premiere episode, Sargent, the former call girl is interviewed for the first time ever about her infamous career as a Toronto con artist, devastating the lives of dozens of high-profile men throughout the city, including CEOs, crown attorneys, priests, governors, and royalty. Her latest victim, ‘Jack’ divulges how he was victimized by Sargent, although, and unbelievably, he continues to pay Tracy’s rent even after he put her in prison for five months.

Mixing quirky black & white film-noir footage with highly stylized narration, Pretty Dangerous exposes not only the femme fatales, but also their foolish, unsuspecting victims. The series is a groundbreaking crime documentation which takes a mischievous look at the extremes both gold-diggers and fools will go to in their thirst for money and love.

Subsequent episodes airing Wednesdays – 10:30pm ET/PT:

* Cynthia Phillips – February 14

A psychotic black widow who murdered several husbands, burned their houses and collected insurance money, before finally being caught for the murder of husband #4, in Texas.

* Della Dante Sutorius – February 21

A gold digger from Ohio who slept her way through four husbands before murdering #5, a wealthy surgeon whose death she claims was a suicide.

* Barbara Holder – February 28

A drug-addled Texas maven who used sex to persuade an ex-con and his pal to murder her husband for the life insurance payout.

As the series’ creator, writer, director and producer, Toronto filmmaker Barbara Shearer marries her extensive documentary background with her love for irreverent, ironic, sexy and controversial fare.


10 thoughts on “Upcoming series: Pretty Dangerous, Global, Wednesdays”

  1. I’d like to get in contact with Barbara Shearer, do you have any forwarding information for her?

  2. How can I get a copy of the show on Della Dante Sutorius? I live in Cincinnati Ohio, and would like to see the show that aired in February.

  3. I would like a copy of the show Pretty Dangerous, I need to see tracy Sargent, you see somehow I found what appeared to be her deploying remote access viruses to computer files on my computer. Interesting that she was at MIT conning, as the files appeared to come from there the first time. Ibelieve the men she conned were prior business associates of mine.
    At least a snapshot of what this woman looks like currently. Anybody help there.???

  4. I helped put cindy phillips away! I testified in tx and co to send her away! Glad she is still locked up!

  5. I can’t believe Tracy Lynn Sargent. I knew here as Lynn Bronfman (but knew she was from St. Thomas Ontario, because I lived there during our HS years). I went to Montreal with her one weekend. She is an expert liar, oh and nuts too! We were suppose to stay at the ‘family home’-the bronfman home. At 3:30 am, she said that the family was out of town and we turned around and went back to Toronto-and she also stole money from my girlfriend. It was a crazy night . . .she got into a fight with a guy at the nightclub . . . so crazy!

  6. Ecru: do you know where she is now? 2010, what name she is going by? would she be using he name lynn again, perhaps lynn nicolai (nicolai means devil?) I know she has used many many names from tracy to tina to lynn> Any idea of a photo, long sotry but I need info on this woman, I think she has been behind 7 years of harassment.

  7. @frustrated:
    What do you want from Tracy? Tell me more maybe I could help to make the contact. She’s broke and in a lot of pain.

  8. I was hoping to get a copy of the pretty dangerous video for cynthia phillips. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. I have been looking for this as well, I live close to where husband #1 was found! Just interested to see what it is! If anyone could give me more information please contact me! Thanks in advance!

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