In the news: Canadian Television Fund, Jane Show, Pretty Dangerous

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail, mostly about Lost, but with bits on Jim Shaw’s disdain for Trailer Park Boys and the debuts of The Jane Show and Pretty Dangerous on Global:

  • Lost returns with its castaway plot
    “Jim Shaw, the Shaw Cable honcho, recently unleashed his complaint about the CTF. He said this: “We keep paying, but what shows are being made? Am I just getting shows like Trailer Park Boys with all those guys running around half-naked, swearing and smoking weed? Is that what Canadians are getting?” Well, yes. Jim. That’s exactly what Canadians are getting, and loving it. In fact, they love it so much that they went in the tens of thousands to movie theatres and paid good money to see Trailer Park Boys: The Movie and thus enjoy even more of guys running around half-naked and smoking weed. Still, Jim sniffs at it and he’s the guy who wants more say in what Canadian TV shows are made. Should we let him?”