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  1. i feel that this show has transgressed all the laws of respecting religion…and is infact extremely offensive towards Islam. As Muslims we are very tolerable people, but when one starts to overstep the limits of comedy greatly by falling into the depths of blasphemy…it is no time to sit back and watch silently.
    ..Many an instance i found myself sitting up in disgust and shock…How dare can someone portray aspects of Islam in such an anti- Islamic fashion?…and being Muslim at the same time??? do these people have no sense of understanding? do these people fear Allah and are they true Muslims? or are they aiming to sew the seeds of discord within the Muslim world despite the current situation? so what if its a bit funny..does the end justify the means????? Is the portrayal of using a Divine Quranic reference in order to conceal intellectual deficit?..is it justifiable to portray Muslim people to be obscene and tolerent towards free mixing?…Is the producer a true Muslim? Has she EVER read the Quran? seen that free mixing is totally forbidden in Islam??..I dont think she has….as only then would she have the audacity to use a pathetic character to depict the “Imam’..a prominent religious figure who is supposed to ‘lead’..the community forward…She has idiotically shown him to be a ‘stupid kid’ ..who doesnt know the first thing about Islam and looks up womens bums and is attracted and flirty towards the opposite gender../…FEAR ALLAH!!! Even the job of an /imam has been comercialised to something as insignificant as a person working in a supermarket who applies for the job through an ad in the paper……..
    I will not write any longer as the point has been made..i pray and hope that this message reaches the producer …and that she is granted with true and sincere guidance.

  2. I think that this is the sort of person whom the character of Baber Siddiqui was created to take the wind out of. Same goes for Fred Tupper and his real-world constituency. I think I’m going to stay tuned in.

  3. Oh calm down riz! Its not the end of the world!

    For your information the creator of the show is a practising, hijab-wearing muslim.
    Also Islam does not, forbid “free mixing”, as you call it. Some people only interpret it to be that way. Yes, physical contact between the two genders is frowned upon, and the show clearly mentions that. In any case they really haven’t shown any out of the ordinary “mixing” on the show anyway. If “mixing” is so bad, and forbidden in Islam how is it that during Hajj and Umra when people go to Makkah to worship at the holiest place on earth for muslims, that men and women worship in the same place, without barriers, and “mix” especially during the tawaaf?

    And whats wrong with a man being attracted to a woman? I mean surely you must know that human sexuality is clearly discussed in Islam and there is nothing wrong with it , as long as physical relations are limited to wedlock. A man being attracted to a woman is a normal thing and Islam expects men to be attracted to women! How that attraction is manifested is where the issue starts. That bit of “looking at the bum” in the show was meant to emphasise that very fact. Sure, I personally thought that the episode in question was a little over done with sexual innuendo but it was meant to make a point. Its not a conspiracy and no one is trying to turn you away from “true”Islam. If u feel it really is “turning you away” from Islam… you need to really think about your level of faith and why a silly TV show is affecting it so easily. Much of what they portray on the show is reality anyway, whether you like it or not. Yes, we as muslims aspire to have a higher level of morality and behaviour, but that does not mean we are there yet. If the show portrays that reality, you cant blame it for that.

    Oh just so that u’re clear, I am a practsing Muslim, I have read the Quran and Hadith and try to review them regularly. No, I am not of the so-called “liberal” variety.

  4. When is this show coming to USA channels?

    I think I like the idea of the show and definitely the episodes get better but at the beginning the show was not very funny and simplistic to some extent. I do like the characters on the show, although in real life a character like Rayyan would not be so disrespectful to Babar. In muslim community, this sort of behavior is seen as disrespectful and discouraged. I am not sure if this was meant to be a comic element.

    I think it would also be better if a normal female character representing alot of the muslim women in Canada was included. Majority of Muslim women in Canada are not like Rayyan(definitely not disrespectful to elders and not so die hard feminist, if I can say that). However, I still like the overal characters on the show.

    Also, is there a plot for Rayyan and the Imam to eventually get married? I think showing a wedding would be a cool episode, personally.

    If I want to get in touch with the producers for suggestions or ideas at which email address may I contact her?


  5. the show is great, what is sad and infuriating is that some muslim seem to be putting it down, how ignorant and closed minded do you have to be to frown upon a show like that. not all muslims are strict and pious as you want them to be, but that does nto mean they are not muslim. the show clearly is an aspect of secular muslims, muslims who despite the fact are not strict continue to hold respect for the religion and attempt to live life in a secular and western society to the best of their ability as muslims. finally somthing that depicts us with a human face is on television and extremists are angered by it. well news flash for the most part this is how regular muslims acts, if you want to continue to forbid tv mixingof the opposite sex, and die in some shell by all means go ahead but times are changing and we are changing with them still WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF ISLAM, which is what this show is about

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