In the news: Little Mosque on the Prairie ratings

From Bill Harris of the Toronto Sun:

  • Furtado’s CSI, Mosque rule 
    “CBC’s Little Mosque On The Prairie (8 p.m. on Wednesday) posted a significant audience of 1.2 million. That’s an important number on two fronts: First, it maintains Little Mosque’s streak of attracting a million-plus viewers through four new episodes; and second, it halts the downward trend that had seen the numbers go from 2.1 million for the debut, to 1.2 million, to 1.085 million.”

One thought on “In the news: Little Mosque on the Prairie ratings”

  1. I was a faithful viewer of this program when it first aired. However, half way through the season, viewing became less and less. The main reason was the program only ran 15 mins per week. Too many commercials, too little show. Now I do not watch it at all. I assume that the same 15 / 15 applies.

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