In the news: CBC looks south

From Bill Brioux of the Canadian Press:

  • CBC-TV looks south again with ‘Hustle’ cable drama starring Robert Vaughn
    “Intelligence, the Vancouver-based crime drama starring Ian Tracey (Da Vinci’s Inquest), which concluded its rookie run last week, got hammered by House all season. It routinely sank toward the 200,000 viewer mark, about a tenth the House audience. (Producers at Haddock Entertainment say CBC still has not made a decision on a second season of Intelligence.)”

5 thoughts on “In the news: CBC looks south”

  1. D –

    Can you let the reporter know that we didn’t create HUSTLE, America imported it from the BBC?

    It’s a damn fine show, to which I’ve had the good fortune to visit the set when they were filming here in LA… but it is a British show made by the same fine folks who brought us SPOOKS/MI-5 and LIFE ON MARS.

    They rock.

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure where Bill Brioux is located at the moment that he’s looking south towards Hustle. The north pole? The fact that they all speak with those funny British accents might have been a clue that it’s not an American show. Americans hate foreigners using their own accents.

    It’s also a little strange to lead with the fact that Intelligence is being replaced by it, because … well, sort of, but Intelligence has finished its run. It’s not like it was pulled from the schedule to make room for Hustle.

    Yeah, I know, everyone’s a critic.

    Very cool you got to visit the set, by the way.

  3. Remember who you’re talking to, Bill. You don’t have to tell *me* about the original accent Hugh Laurie love. But there’s a long list of British/Australian/Kiwi/etc. stars on prime time US TV right now, and you’d never know it by the accents onscreen. That’s all I meant.

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