In the news: A Valentine for Canadian TV (sort of)

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail, a facetious apology to shows and people he’s criticized, including The Jane Show, Robson Arms, and George Stroumboulopoulos. Also includes a blurb on a new HGTV reality show called Big City Broker:

  • My Valentine to Jane, George, and Jim
    “The case has sent a chill through the media in Britain. Can negative reviews of anything — food, theatre, books television — now be considered fodder for libel cases? Must all critics make nice or risk being sued? With this in mind and today being a certain saint’s day, I want to issue an assurance to everyone in the Canadian television racket: I love you all! Yes, you’re all decent, talented and lovely people. Some of you are outright gorgeous, beautiful people, as well as talented and creative. Hugs and kisses to every one of you.”