In the news: Vision for Canadian TV

From actor Peter Keleghan in Playback:

  • With no vision comes no Canada
    “Since the disastrous 1999 CRTC decision to change the rules for broadcasters, one of our cultural delivery systems, indigenous television, has fallen on hard times. If we had gains by the ’90s with some good sitcoms and dramas, we are now in a place where, because of business concerns, we have been set back decades. We currently make so few shows for so little money, that Cancon hardly registers in our cultural picture, TV schedule, or press.”

Also from Playback:

  • TV needs “vision,” says Heritage critic Keeper
    ” ‘We have to be committed to our TV or it will become American,’ says Keeper, the MP for the northern Manitoba riding of Churchill, who is perhaps better known as Michelle Kenidi, the RCMP constable she played for five seasons on CBC’s North of 60.”