Corner Gas beats 24

From CTV:

Season High 1.7 Million Watch Corner Gas As Brent LeRoy Outpaces Jack Bauer Monday Night

More Canadians watched Corner Gas last night than big-buzz shows 24 and Heroes, BBM Nielsen Media Research reports today. Almost 1.7 million watched the original episode of Corner Gas (8 – 8:30 p.m.), making Corner Gas the third most-watched program on Canadian television last night after CSI: Miami and the CTV Evening News. It was the most-watched episode this season for Corner Gas, opposite a two-hour episode of 24 (1.59 million) on FOX/Global. At 10 p.m., Heroes (Global) attracted 751,000 viewers.

In addition to Corner Gas, audiences delivered another two season-high records for CTV last night. Corner Gas went on to deliver a record audience of 1.08 million viewers to American sitcom The Class, which followed at 8:30 p.m.

The third season-high record was registered at 10 p.m. when over 3 million viewers (3.11 million) tuned in to CSI: Miami, making the Monday night drama the most-watched program of the evening.

All figures quoted based on preliminary overnight data from Nielsen BBM Media Research and represent a nation-wide picture of television viewing in Canada.