Blood Ties interview

From, an interview with creator Peter Mohan, about a Canadian show that will premiere in March on Lifetime in the US and in the fall on CHUM in Canada:

  • The Making of Blood Ties, Part 1
    “Anyone still mourning the passing of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, may get a shot in the jugular with Lifetime television’s new vampire series, Blood Ties.”

One thought on “Blood Ties interview”

  1. There are, and have been so many of these shows.
    And don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan.
    But I seem to be getting jaded at the thought of any of these programs actually lasting me than a season and a half.
    Sounds like a shame it is romance too. I don’t mind it as a side line but I hope the show has more sexual tension (x-files, Bones) rather than Mills & Boons mush. But bring it on. And lets hope it is as good as the creator Peter Mohan thinks it is.

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