Webdreams returns April 6

From Showcase:

WEBDREAMS – A Showcase original series – 12 new episodes of the hit documentary series – Uncover the secret world of adult online entertainment

Premiering on Showcase, Friday, April 6 @ 10:00 P.M. (ET/PT)

WEBDREAMS is back, and more revealing than ever. The Gemini-nominated documentary series tackles new territory in
its second season, delving deeper into the high-stakes, high-profit world of the online adult entertainment industry, exposing the reality behind the glamour and the grit beneath the glitz. The half-hour Showcase Original series produced by Galafilm premieres Friday, April 6 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

“The cast of this season is a little more rock n’ roll, a little more hardcore, and living on the edge,” says WEBDREAMS Series Director Joshua Dorsey. “The success of Season One helped us get even more access to the industry, and even deeper into the lives of our characters.”

“The first season of WEBDREAMS has consistently appealed to Showcase audiences,” says Tara Ellis, Vice-President of Content for Showcase. “Now Showcase.ca is offering viewers the opportunity to catch up with their favourite characters as we stream the first season in advance of the highly-anticipated launch of Season Two.”

Tightly edited from over 800 hours of footage, the WEBDREAMS cameras follow seven new characters – young men and women drawn to the adult entertainment sector in a quest to find fame and fortune; dreamers who are navigating the quick changes of an industry in flux.

There’s the sultry web pioneer Angelique; Diesel, the hunky, model-turned-entrepreneur now exploring the transsexual niche; Uncle D, otherwise known as “The Canadian Assman”; Lance and Alexandra, the hardest working couple in the industry; Violet, goddess of Goth style; and Vid Vicious, an outrageous content provider working one of the most competitive ends of the industry.

Season Two of WEBDREAMS is filmed in HD and broadcast in HD where available. Filmed in a vast number of locales including Amsterdam, Paris, Miami, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Panama City, and clear across Canada, WEBDREAMS uncovers the booming online scene at a turning point. At this stage in the game, it’s the highly specialized niche sites that rule the web. It’s an environment where anything goes, and fortunes can be built or lost in an instant.

The series director of WEBDREAMS is Joshua Dorsey (The Point, Here Am I, One Day). The series is directed by Dorsey and Paul Kell (5 Sides of a Coin). Creative producer is Gregory Fine. Producer and creator for the series is Michael Kronish. Executive producer is Arnie Gelbart.


2 thoughts on “Webdreams returns April 6”

  1. Well because the pornography on your network is available for ALL ages, I’ve copied an episode of all your porn shows and have sent that VHS tape to the Right Honorable Stephen Harper & to the RCMP, along with a complaint about showing FREE porn on television.

  2. As a responsible parent in the legal adult industry to Mr. Wieland I say don’t tell anyone what they have a right to do, it’s dictatorship and communist in nature. There is an effective method t avoid watching the show yourself, don’t turn it on. As for kids well I take the view it is our responsibility as parents to monitor their activities without putting that responsibility on others who don’t have children, or whom are responsible enough to shield their kids from this tyupe of programming.

    If you don’t like it, fine turn the channel, but don’t dictate to anyone else what they can or can’t do with a legal product. Stephan Harper and the RCMP…. You know they receive grants from the government of Canada which is hesitant to sensor the arts. Good Luck with that, while you’re waiting for a response I’ll be watching April 6. I cherish freedom and personal responsibility and don’t need the likes of you policing what I watch or how I make a legal living.

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