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This week…

A SPECIAL AIRING! Catch “Daughter of Frankenstein” this MONDAY, MARCH 12th at 8:30pm ET/PT, right after “CORNER GAS”.Carol’s enjoying the single, unfettered life until her teenaged daughter, Georgia, shows up one dark and stormy night. Georgia rejects her mother’s attempt at bonding, but seeks attention by wreaking havoc in the building. Can the two ever be on equal footing – or in the same headspace, as the case may be?

ONLINE TREATS this week!

Check out all the Goodies on the ROBSON ARMS WEBSITE � hilarious “bloopers” from episodes 204 and 206 are new this week as well as some choice “deleted scenes” from episode 206. Take a look at

Also, two new Troubadours songs are online now – “Paper Tiger, Broken Pickles” is a  musical sneak-peek for episode 5 and “Boogie Man Be Danmed” introduces the special airing of episode 208.

For this week’s Audio-byte Show, creators Susin Nielsen and Gary Harvey chit-chat with Associate Producer Wendy Russell about episode 205 “Mr. Lonely”, which was written by Susin and Gary…click here

Hey Neighbour! This week’s web-only episode features advice from Georgia Goldstein-Franchelli on apartment building safety. click here to check it out!


You can catch up on last weeks Episode 3 starring Gabrielle Miller and Tobias Mehler available now on The CTV Broadband Network at and on the

Watch all of ROBSON ARMS SEASON 1 available now on demand on The CTV Broadband Network at