Degrassi to Follow American Idol on Wednesdays, Beginning March 28 on CTV

From CTV:

Academic pressure, arson, internet gambling and even teen-aged stripping ensue as Degrassi: The Next Generation returns to CTV next week with the second act of the series’ sixth season; new episodes air Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET following ratings juggernaut American Idol beginning March 28 on CTV and on CTV HD East/West (visit to confirm local broadcast times). Picking up the pieces after the shocking murder of J.T. (Ryan Cooley), the season’s final seven episodes delve deeper into the post-secondary world of the characters from Canada’s most addictive homegrown drama series.

Viewers can catch up on all 12 of this season’s previously aired episodes, along with corresponding exclusive online content, all on demand on The CTV Broadband Network at Following the television broadcast of each of the seven new episodes, the episode itself as well as a scripted webisode (a.k.a. “Degrassi Mini”) and a behind-the-scenes documentary (a.k.a. “Degrassi: On the Set”) for the episode will be available on demand beginning Thursdays at 9 a.m. ET on The CTV Broadband Network at

In the Spring season premiere, entitled “Free Fallin’ Part 1” (March 28 on CTV), Paige has a spectacular panic attack during a Banting University midterm exam. The course professor offers her one more chance, which comes in the form of work to be completed over the holiday weekend. With a huge family dinner to cook and everyone dying to know how fantastic university life is, something has got to give for Paige…

In other upcoming episodes:

“Free Fallin’ Part 2” (April 4 on CTV) – With her degree in jeopardy and the little issue of a dramatic dorm fire, Paige develops a Banting “allergy”. She slinks home to Toronto with her tail between her legs, but keeps the truth about what happened to herself. Despite rising panic attacks and friends who just might understand, Paige is committed to keeping her secret, no matter what.

“If You Leave (April 11 on CTV) – Emma (Miriam McDonald) feels as if J.T.’s death is being glossed over and makes sure everyone knows how she feels. Marco suspects that Dylan (John Bregar) is cheating on him and calls on Jimmy (Aubrey Graham) and Spinner (Shane Kippel) to help him find out.

“Love My Way” (April 18 on CTV) – When Snake discovers Emma buying birth control, he surprises everyone with his anger, including himself. He’s not comfortable with Emma and Sean having sex. But as far as Emma’s concerned, Snake is going to have to get comfortable with it, by any means necessary.

With an April 14 tribute set to take place at the Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival and two more volumes of “Degrassi: Extra Credit” in bookstores on April 23, Degrassi: The Next Generation is returning to CTV on a high note. The Gemini-Award winning series has garnered numerous accolades over the years including a Television Critics Association Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Programming” and a Teen Choice Award for “Choice Summer Series”.

Continually pushing the boundaries of conventional television and licensed in over 150 countries, including France, Switzerland and Australia, Degrassi: The Next Generation extended its brand in 2006 with 19 scripted webisodes (a.k.a. “Degrassi Minis”); 19 behind-the-scenes documentaries (a.k.a. “Degrassi: On the Set”); and two animated shorts (a.k.a. “Degrassi Mangasodes”). All 40 bonus-elements are available on-demand throughout the season via The CTV Broadband Network at In addition to the multi-platform campaign in support of the series, “Degrassi: Extra Credit”, a four-volume series of graphic novels is available in stores across Canada.