In the news: Painkiller Jane interview, reviews


  • Interview with Kristanna Loken
    “Loosely based on the comic book series of the same name by Jimmy Palmiotti, the television show is about a covert agency that tracks down neurological aberrants, or “neuros.” Loken’s character, former DEA agent Jane Vasco, discovers that she has some abnormal skills of her own: She can be injured — and she can certainly feel the pain — but she heals very quickly and can survive experiences that would kill ordinary people. In the process, she kicks a lot of ass while taking down the bad guys.”

From TV Blend:

  • TV Review: Painkiller Jane
    The first two episodes offer little substance for viewers to tear into. This is a shame because if you can look past that you’ll see the potential.”

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

From the LA Daily News:

  • ‘Painkiller Jane’ could become a quirky addiction
    “In “Heroes,” the characters with special powers are largely the good guys, being hunted by a shadowy group with ostensibly sinister motives. In “Painkiller Jane,” the shadowy group comprises the good guys and those with bizarre powers are neutralized.”