In the news: Remember Trailer Park Boys in rerun season

From John Doyle of the Globe and Mail:

  • Take heart, new TV episodes await you
    “Have you tried Trailer Park Boys (Sundays, Showcase, 9 p.m.)? Oh now, don’t say you’re put off by the foul language and lowlife antics. You’ve heard swearing before. It’s going on all around you. Besides, this season, the Boys are on a new and decidedly wacky adventure. For heaven’s sake, don’t you people realize the sheer magnitude of Julian’s decision to deliver pizzas for a living! Do you not grasp the hilarity of a stoned Bubbles meeting his grade-school teacher while he’s the lookout man for a scam to steal meat from the supermarket? The Boys are funny and enchanting. As characters, they are alive, passionate, fully human and irrepressible. You think your life is hard? Get to know what it’s like to be so desperate that you rip the plumbing out of your own house to sell it for beer money. And have a sense of humour about it.”