Robson Arms renewal and request for input

From David Moses, one of the writers on Robson Arms, on his blog Don’t Feed the Writer:

  • Robson Arms renewed for third season
    “For those of you who never saw it, how come? Did something put you off? Do you just not watch canadian shows on principle? Was it personal? You a hockey? Was it the time slot? Or maybe you just didn’t have room on the TIVO. I get that, my DVR space is precious too. For those of you who watched and said, “meh”, could you be a little more specific?”

3 thoughts on “Robson Arms renewal and request for input”

  1. oh boy.

    i knew i should’ve put…

    “could you be a little more specific?… Don’t bother, it’s too late but thanks anyway.”

    that said, the more people thinking and talking about the show the better!

    thanks for spreading the word.


  2. or how ’bout “the hand would love to talk with you, but it’s kind of busy lately… spending A LOT of tme at the keyboard over at the story factory.”

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