Yannick Bisson cast in Murdoch Mysteries

From Shaftesbury Films:

The case of the uncast lead is solved – Yannick Bisson to play Detective Murdoch in Shaftesbury Films’ The Murdoch Mysteries series

Shaftesbury Films Chairman Christina Jennings is pleased to announce that Yannick Bisson (Sue Thomas, F. B. Eye) will play the lead role of Detective William Murdoch in The Murdoch Mysteries, a one-hour dramatic series based on Maureen Jennings’ critically-acclaimed mystery novels and a wheel of TV movies produced by Shaftesbury. The series will air in 2008 on CHUM stations across the country.

The Murdoch Mysteries is a one-hour dramatic series set in 1895 Toronto that explores the fascinating world of William Murdoch, a young detective who uses progressive forensic techniques, such as fingerprinting, to successfully solve cases and apprehend murderers. The harshness of life in the Victorian streets is contrasted with the civilized world hiding behind the drawing room curtains of the wealthy and elite, but does the wide class divide truly separate good from evil?

The Murdoch Mysteries is produced and developed by Shaftesbury Films in association with CHUM Television, Granada International and UKTV, and with the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit and the Canadian Television Fund.

Born in Montreal, Yannick moved to Toronto as a teenager where he began acting lessons. After appearing in numerous television commercials, his professional career took off when he was cast in the lead in CBC’s critically-acclaimed movie-of-the-week Hockey Night with Rick Moranis. Yannick went on to appear in numerous television series, including Alfred Hitchcock Presents; TNT’s The Pretender; CBS’s Ray Bradbury Theatre; Lifetime’s The Hidden Room; Catwalk; and PAX TV’s Twice in a Lifetime. He was a series lead in High Tide for four seasons; and Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye for three seasons; and had a recurring role in Showtime’s Soul Food. Yannick also has extensive film credits, including Rookies, which earned him a 1992 Gemini Award nomination; Young at Heart with Olympia Dukakis and Frank Sinatra; and The Moving of Sophia Myles starring Della Reese.

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  1. About when in2008 will this series air and will it be shown in Europe,(Belgium, Holland or France?)

  2. The series is currently being filmed in Hamilton Ontario all this summer.

    Local historic buildings are being used, such as the Scottish Rite (Masonic Hall) and St Pauls’ Presbyterian Church. A friend has been hired to play “the organist” at a wedding. Can murder be far away?

    There will be if they break anything during filming at this very historic church!! ;-))

  3. Still no news in which Europeon countries this show will air other then the UK???? Do you think for us folks who don’t get to see this new series, that it will be put on DVD? Thanks, Rita

  4. They’ve just started filming so a little patience might be required! Look at my May 15 comment for the link to keep track of announcements about this show.

  5. I caught three of these on tape some months ago,
    very much enjoyed that actor.

    Are there any more of that vintage available?
    Esp on disk ???

  6. I have rarely found a need to make a comment regarding a TV series…that said I must praise the entire cast & crew of The Murdoch Mysteries especially our three leads – Mr. Yannick Bisson, Ms. Joy, & Mr. Craig. I am looking forward to see how the young detective and the coroner’s relationship will develop over time

    I have so enjoyed the character development evolve since the series began as well as, story lines and sets; together they have transported their audience back in time to a very different life in the City of Toronto.

    I am a faithful member of the series who waits in anticipation each week for the new episode. After reading some of the comments I now realise that some sites have been filmed in Hamilton as opposed to Toronto.

    I would also like to comment on Mr. Craig’s previous work on Coronation St for Granada TV ….his new role in Murdoch Mysteries is a wonderful addition to the cast. Everyone keep up the good work I am telling everyone to tune in to ….The Murdoch Mysteries!

  7. I enjoy this new show immensley. I was a big fan of Yannick Bisson previously from Sue Thomas and he has certainly kept up his high quality acting. I think he is just great, I am hoping the series has a long run and am hopeful we will be able to get it on DVD, any comments on this

  8. I really enjoy Murdock Mysteries and tune in each week. Hope is not one of those shows disappears

  9. hi my name is sandra
    i have just watch murdoch mysteries in scotland
    i think the story is great and yannick is great as the dective

  10. CityTV’s Mr. Murdoch wears entirely too much makeup, especially his Betty Boop long dark lashes and thick eyeliner. The colored foundation makeup is also over the top. None of the other characters have such obvious makeup. A recent episode revolved around members of a homosexual club in 1895 Toronto that was suspected of murdering another member.

    Is the heavy stage makeup the result of a Shakesperian live stage makeup artist or is the thick makeup a hint that Murdoch will come out of the 1895 closet as a transexual or gay man?

  11. I really enjoy the Murdoch Mysteries Tv show. I watch it every week. I believe this is one of the best shows on Canadian TV.I like how all the characters compliment each other but especially how dectective William Murdoch uses scientific methods that are common place in todays criminal sciences. Yannick Bisson , keep up the good acting. I am also intrigue by the coroner who seems to use methods more advanced than the time of the 1900’s.

  12. I love this show. Its very well cast and is a well told storyline. I have enjoyed most things I have seen Yannick Bisson in; I think he’s a terrific actor. I hope that this one is kept in production for some time to come. Most GOOD Canadian shows don’t seem to last too long…lets hope this one breaks that mold!

  13. I also enjoy the dramatic series on channel 31 Toronto station , I am seeing a great series evolving each week , I see it as becoming richer each week & look forward to the extremely gifted actors & actresses . I am so amazed that so many involved could get it So right!! I particularly enjoy seeing the marvelous costumes of that era. To be sure its truely Canadian . Great story lines , I too look forward to the development of the relationships in the story lines . Yannick is extremely very handsome with out makeup . I trust only his hairdresser really knows for sure .
    Photography is just extremely well done . Its just what I need to get me through the week . I do hope it continues & well worth contemplating DVD offerings . My personal best wishes of continued success for the series & the actors & actresses. Please let it continue .

  14. I enjoy watching The Murdoch Mysteries every week on UKTV Drama. It is essential viewing on Tuesday nights and I make sure that the diary is free. We don’t seem to get many Canadian programmes in the UK so this is a refreshing change. I am interested in History, especially of the old Empire. It’s good to see things that are familiar to us Brits in the show. A good Brit export to the show is certainly Thomas Craig who is made for the role as the inspector. I have just found out that there has previously been three TV Movies of the Murdoch Mysteries starring Peter Outerbridge as the lead. Can you get these on DVD and if so from where? Happy St George’s Day.

  15. I have enjoyed this series and hope it will continue as a regular weekly show

  16. Cor! I’m having to fight with my daughter (aged 13) to get the seat nearest the TV whenever Murdoch appears on-screen! What a HUNK!! Seriously. the stories and production values are excellent. The animé Ed, Edd and Eddy (for which God bless Cartoon Network) may say “Canadians are WEIRD”, but this type of weird we can cope with. Keep it coming, guys!!

  17. I live in Washinton and I watch canadian TV. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that loves Murdock. I also watched sue thomas FB eye and loved that too.

  18. Suzette, how do you get Canadian tv in Washington? I am curious as there are many US Murdoch fans who would love to see the show. Is it a Satellite feed?

  19. You didn’t mention in his bio that he had a starring role in ‘Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy’ shot in BC

  20. My wife and I are glued to the TV every Saturday at 8 PM for The Murdoch Mysteries. The entire cast is superb, and an especial tip of the hat to Yannick Bisson. We are old enough to have been around a while, and have appreciated what many of the cast have done in the past. In this series, they are all at their very best. May the series continue for many seasons. (BTW, my wife and I are from Hamilton, and recognized Whitehearn; so we deduced, in Murdochian fashion, that filming was done in part, in Hamilton.)

  21. I’d just like to endorse all the praise so far given for this great new series. I live in Wales, UK and had never heard of Yannick Bisson before I chanced upon The Murdock Mysteries on UKDrama (although I did recognise ‘Tommy’ from Coronation St). I understand another series in in the offing. Long may it continue. Love it!! Thank you Canada!!

  22. My husband and I are addicts to this show and yesterday while they were taping in Brantford ON I was one of the very lucky ones to have her picture taken with him. My husband got to shake his hand and talk about the great Canadian show and how proud he is to be doing this one.. I have been an extra in a few movies taped in Toronto and area but have never been so impressed with an actor like Yannick. What a wonderful , personable Canadian. He makes us proud.

  23. Hi, we just watched the Red Planet episode. I had seen it before, but my boys had not. They love this show, as do my husband and I. Very glad to see there will be more.

  24. when we started watching Murdock Mysteries there was a different act in the lead role, then this Yannick guy is in the lead role. Could you please explain, the blonde guy was good in the role but so is this Yannick guy, the wife and I really enjoy the series

  25. “Murdoch Mysteries” started out as a series of TV movies, with Peter Outerbridge as Murdoch, British actress Keeley Hawes as Julia, and Colm Meaney as Brackenreid.

    When it was decided to make it an on-going series, those actors were either unavailable or didn’t want to continue in the roles for a regular series, so the roles were recast with Yannick Bisson, Helene Joy, and Thomas Craig.

  26. It was never and issue of any actors not wanting to do the show.
    In fact Peter was unavailable due to his commitment to “Regenesis”.
    Keeley was booked in Ashes to Ashes, now has three children, and because she lived in the UK, she could not do the series.
    The producer made a decision to completely re-cast the series with new actors in all the ongoing parts.
    As the series is no longer adaptations of Maureen Jennings’ novels, the decision was made to have a new cast to go along with the “new” original material the writers are producing which is based on her characters, not the books.
    The movies of the week were adaptations from the novels.

  27. Thanks for the clarification, Iden. I never saw word one way or the other about why the recasting. I suspected it was more a question of availability (especially on Hawes’ part), but I didn’t know for sure, and offered the two possibilities. There are certainly instances of actors being happy to do the occasional TV movie and not wanting to be tied down for a regular series.

  28. I think one of the reasons for the success of the show is the chemistry amongst the new ensemble of Helene, Yannnick, Jonny, and Tom.
    Wait til you see season two. Fantastic stories coming.

  29. I loved watching Murdock Mysteries and never missed one. My wife and I are looking forward to seeing it come back on in the fall. This is one show that has us hooked. Were can we find out the time and day it will be starting the new season. One of the best shows I have seen on TV.

  30. Hi Again . Just wanted to say congratulations on the coming award for Murdock Mysteries I guess that won’t be presented until November . You should all feel very proud of that for sure .
    I also wanted to say that I thought the smashing of the pumpkins was so funny –la smasheroo , must have been so hard to keep a straight face during those scenes , wish I could have been there .
    Also I think Yannick does great in the other series that is shown on Saturday afternoons . Busy schedual so I don’t always get chance to see it .
    Well here is the idea , I would like to see Yannick play in a dramatic series similar to 000007 a canadian version though , I think he has the gift to play this type of role . Far fetched maybe , that this could even be put together but its just an idea , hey , but we need this ! I think this idea stems from the fact that we really need a canadian role model . Yannick could be that role model . It would be so fantasic if that could happen . I hestiated to bring this up but its our government that has been cutting funding to our arts programs & that just sucks big time . Being an artist myself , I really think we need more support for our canadian artists & more international exposure too . We should be making it easier for canadian artists to do this .
    I prefer Yannick’s hair sleeked back & no part in it . I thought it was kinda funny when the camera panned in on the top of his head to show the part in his hair . lololo . You should be panning in on his very magical dark eyes , close up . Interesting part though was the actor playing the role of the writer of the Homer Watson stories , interesting interactions . I do like that very much .

  31. Interesting you should ask that , it might be a luctrative appeal to many .
    Disappointing however is the economy right now & who knows for how long it will last . Artists are very resorceful though . We seem to thrive in any kind of economy –we are very resourceful people & usually we know what makes things tick .
    Need I say more , CIBC ad was great . Careful going through those doors though Yannick. Hey I get to see him every five minutes .
    I just happened to see the interview with the new James Bond new movie . I’m not particularly drawn to it , though it may grow on me . Not my fav . Good acting though .
    So stay cool & calm & live longer -better times are ahead no doubt for most of us –once elections are over for sure . Its nice that we can give our support to our favorite actors & TV. is a great medium.
    Best wishes for Thanksgiving Holidays.

  32. hi ,i love the murdoch mysteries,its a great show.yannick plays a brilliant part ,he,s worth tuning into every week,i loved watching him in sue thomas fb eye i do hope they bring it back ,i can.t wait to see season 2 of murdoch mysteries over here in the uk..
    ps.i hope its on for years to come..

  33. I like everyone else,started to watch yannick in fbeye
    and I really enjoy this new series’murdoch mysteries”
    will it in fact be coming back
    and will there be a romance budding with him and the
    coroner dr.
    I am scared that it will becancelled because that is what we do
    as soon as we get a good canadian show,they cancel it
    thank you
    gerry goheen, sudbury ont.

  34. Wow, I’ve looked everywhere for info on this show. I’m addicted to it. So happy to hear it’s coming back. Time period piece and love the actors. Let’s try to keep this show going.


  35. I love this show, please tell me when new episodes will start to air. I even enjoy the reuns I am forced to watch now. Just goes to show that we Canadians can make great shows if not even better that than our neighbours to the south.

  36. Love watching Murdoch Mysteries….It’s very much like the Agatha Christie Mystery….you never know until the end….keep the suspense up. The cast is excellent, and I look forward Saturday nights watching it.
    It’s so nice to see a Canadian show do so well.

  37. I have been searching for a new season of Murdock Mysteries and cannot find it. I loved watching last season and I am wondering because it gained such rave reviews why it is not on again. I still watch all the reruns of last season but I am eagar to see new ones. I hope all of the cast from the first season will be reappearing. As they have a chemistry about them. Especially Yannick Brisson

  38. The first season debuted in late January 2008, so it’s not unreasonable to expect that the new season will debut no sooner than late January 2009. More likely later, as I’ve heard a rather vague “spring” for the next season.

  39. Great show – so refereshing to see something on the tube that’s NOT set in current day NYC or LA.

    I would imagine its longevity will depend on the success of its US (and WW) distribution.

    Let’s all start some viral marketing to support whatever formal promotion initiatives Shaftesbury has in place.

  40. Oh how I am keeping my fingers crosssed that Murdock Mysteries will soon start their second season. Come on Canada support this fine series.

  41. I am trying to find the first season on DVD. I’ve heard that a few episodes are out but since I was told by someone who thinks there were only a few episodes ever made, I think he is misinformed. Weren’t there 12-13 episodes in the first season? and where can I buy them?

    I think its a brilliant series and its nice to a Canadian show do so well.

  42. Mr. Yannick Bisson is a very attractive leading man for the show; which is necessary to keep the audience watching. Not so in this case, I find the show itself wonderful creative as well as historic. Who would have thought anyone watching could learn a some history lessons and have wonderful entertainment too.

    And for the leading lady Helene Joy and there interaction is very funny to say the least. I like the way they do interact.

    the innocence of Murdoch Mysteries is a refreshing change to see on the Television Dial. Most of TV programing is based in shows that do not offer what I call “Happy Endings.

    What I mean by that simply put is closure, and I guess in cartoons sake most when I was a child offered a message of play fair, or there was always a price to pay…either law abiding way or some spiritual way.

    Shows like Touched By An Angel, Twice In A Lifetime, Mysterious Ways, to name a few were up lifting, offering a promise of hope.

    I know that there is a need for shows like yours.

    A desperate need. World wide.

    Keep up the great work,


    Vancouver, BC

  43. Tracey,

    The “someone” you know who told you there were “only a few episodes ever made” is kinda sorta somewhat almost right. If you look up to a previous response of mine in this thread (#28 above), you’ll see that I mention that there had been three previous movies made with a different cast. I suspect that these are what your friend is talking about.

    As for DVD releases, those three movies were released in a set by a company called BFS Entertainment a month or two ago here in the US, and you can order it from either Amazon US or Amazon Canada. Amazon US (but not Amazon Canada, yet) also has a listing for a DVD set of Season 1 of the current series scheduled from another US company, Acorn Media, for June.

  44. slight correction Jerry, the DVD box set is no longer available to order in Canada, only Amazon US. BFS only has the US rights at the moment for the mow’s box set. The producers are trying to work out a licensing agreement for Canada. If you go to Amazon Ca you will see that it is not available to order.
    The good news, as you say, is that it is available in the US and is doing quite well.
    The DVD box set for season one of the series is available for pre order in both the UK and the US. Feb 9th is the release date in the UK, mid June in the US.

  45. Thank you both. I appreciate that. Of course I would have been looking at Amazon.ca not .com so all this makes a bit more sense.
    I appreciate that bit of info!

  46. Yannick is good in the Murdock series. I sincerely hope it carries over for another season. Good Luck to him.

  47. I am a Korean fan watching this series with great passion and affection. This series, , made me greatly interested in Canadian TV programs. Happy to see this program high in quality. Thank you.

  48. My name is Doris Bray from North Bay On. I found Murdock Mysteries by coincidence last year. I just love the show and all the characters, especially Yannick Bisson. I have cable T.V. (Cogeco) Many times I can not get the show on Saturday night. The article in our paper today March 4th.( North Bay Nugget) stated that the new series would be starting tonight on Citytv. Could you tell me when I will be able to get it here in North Bay. It is one of the truly wonderful shows that I enjoy. Thank you. Sincerely Doris Bray.

  49. Doris,
    On Wednesday night ( March 4th ) the first show of season 2 aired on City TV. It was on at 10 apm. Hope this helps!

  50. I really love Yannick Bisson as an actor. I first saw him on a series called ” Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy” were he was a husband and part owner of a cattle ranch. The other guy who was part owner acted on Sue Thomas: FBI as well (the nose-up-in-the-air snob). The wife is the ditzy blonde on Scrubs.

  51. I’m really pleased about the new shows this season . As before you’ve all done so well .
    Some parts were a bit funny –the dinner scene with the coroner’s sister –{ such as sweet cute tweedy }–I kinda laughed when there seemed to be obvious competition between the two females . Yannik was adding to it but pleased with the extra intensity going on –however he managed not to choke on his food . Smiling like he had swallowed the canary .
    The story line was great about palentologists who compete with one another & the falsified rock specimens . I notice a news item about this very thing recently . Also I have family member interested in that profession .
    Hudini story was a surprise . That seemed to be a bit rushed but I can’t explain it –not enough time in the show to get everything in . As well Yannik was outstaged & I did n’t like that .
    But still it was a good show .
    I’m disappointed that the series is not available to our friends in PEI & I was wondering if it could be offered on the channel 40 CBC network that they get down there . Its worth looking into anyway .
    I’m not so keen on the idea of DVDs anymore–because it restricts people , some who just can’t afford the prices . The major audiences are watching TV . So I’d have to say expand TV. options over DVDs. In this way , you keep the canadian content here for Canadians & expand on viewership . I noticed theres an American show thats close to the same time slot . I just hope Murdock Mysteries holds on to that time slot . Because its the best show on right now –its fantastic story lines , great photography –you’ve just outdone yourselves & I just love it ! Takecare guys !

  52. Just a recap : The lastest Murdock Mysteries Show , Houdini , America’s greastest magician ,{ sorry I mispelled his name previous post } .
    The Houdini family : Houdini , born Erich Weiss May 24/ 1874 .
    He claimed his birth place was in Appleton Wisconin but actually his real birth place was in Budapest Hungary & he was 4 years old when his family moved to America. He grew up in poverty .
    There was an in family conflict –his wife Bess { Wilhelnina Rahner } was Catholic & when finally she died , the family insisted she not be buried along side of Houdini as he had requested . Long story –she was buried in the Gate of Heaven Cemetry Hawthorne NY . near Babe Ruth , Jimmy Cagney , Sal Mineo & Dutch Schultz .
    Houdini was only 5′ 5 ” tall , dark hair & dark grey eyes , he had a high pitched voice , he was poorly educated but extremely athletic & highly motivated to succeed .
    His brother was an XRay specialist whom Houdini allowed him to regularly XRay him probably caused sterilization so this could be why he had no children .
    At first he was just a big nut case –but later he gain recognition for his ” Great Escape ” Show .
    The actual photograph of Houdini shows the similar qualities of the actor used in this lastes Murdock Mysteries Show . Infact exceptional likeness . That was an fantastic show , very rich high quality acting .
    I look forward to more , more . Bravo !

  53. Waiting for a new show this week (April 15/09)
    Great show, a love period shows.
    Mr. Bisson plays this role perfectly, actually all four main characters are a perfect fit.
    I have just watched The Green Fairy and Shades of Grey, fantastic., am disappointed that they are splitting up Murdoch and Ogden so soon, waiting a long time for them to get together., I hope the split up will be short lived

    All in All i hope this series goes on for a longer time than most Canadian shows do

  54. i love watching yannick bisson in murdoch mysteries,he s a really good actor,he makes you fall in love with on screen with those georgous eyes,he,s brilliant.i hope they make another series (3) he,s brilliant in sue thomas fbeye with deanne bray(hot chemistry) i hope to see him on tv for a long time to come..

  55. Murdoch Mysteries is an excellent series, well acted, scripted and produced.

    The historical background and period detail gives it extra depth and makes it even more enjoyable.

    I do have one criticism. The way the credits are shown spoil every episode and leave me frustrated every time.

    The first names shown, in type large enough to be easily read and run slowly so there is time to actually read each one, are all techical, behind the scenes people involved in producing the show.

    I acknowledge that these people are important, and without them there would not be a show, but what interests me, and what I want to see at the end of each spisode, is the cast list, so that I can identify actors I am particularly interested in.

    Sadly, when the cast list is shown, the names are run so fast that it’s impossible to read them, and they are shown in such tiny, fuzzy type that they are unreadable.
    I have tried taping them and running them at slow speed, but they become completely blurred and totally illegible.

    Please give us the cast list in a large, legible type-face, run at a speed that allows us to read the name of each character.

    Thank you.

  56. Go to IMDB.com and you will see the cast list.
    Personally I adore the first name that comes up when the credits are run at the end. But what can I say, I am married to her

  57. I am really pleased to see another good Canadian Production with one of the Canadian actors I really do enjoy. I hope we see it a lot more of it next season.

    By the way, I also enjoyed “Nothing to Good For a Cowboy” and was sorry when that was cancelled too. So I have been a fan for a long time. But then Good performances by good actors attract people to them whenever presented.

  58. Murdock Mysteries TV show is wholesome family entertainment. Its been a long time since I’ve seen a this type of show that didn’t involve excessive violence or a six gun shoot out. I’m also impressed by era oriented costumes worn by the cast while shooting the show. I do hope that this show continues to attract the type of investment to keep going foreward.

  59. love the show. Hope it is one that doesn’t go away before we have a few years of it.

  60. I found Murdoch Mysteries quite by accident, while I was trying to find ‘anything worth watching’…and I must say “I was BLOWN AWAY!”

    I couldn’t take my eyes off it, for even a minute, for fear I would miss ‘a sly glance sideways’ – or a cleverly hidden hint of what might be a lead to revealing who the actual perpetrator was going to be…or just to watch Yannick Bisson’s AMAZING portrayal of Detective Murdoch! He is SO Perfect in that role, that I found myself wishing that the ‘hour would last longer’…and that I wouldn’t have to wait another whole week for the next episode!

    I live in Bermuda, and most of our TV is from the States, and frankly so many programs imitate each other that they lose your support week after week…Murdoch Mysteries, I feel, is THE BEST TV SHOW on the airwaves right now! – And I have told everyone I now that they HAVE to become fans! (..so that it will continue to be produced and go on for years to come!!!)

    I never realized how good Canadian actors were before, and I have found that everyone on that show is ‘perfectly’ cast and they portray their characters excellently. (The writers, directors, researchers, and all behind the sets and costumes, must work very hard to find material that was ‘here-to-fore’ unknown in that time period, but relates to crime investigating in the present, and all must be congratulated for their detailed and accurate efforts.) I could go on forever, but I just hope the show will…..and be a ‘Never Ending Story’ for all of us to enjoy and look forward to!

  61. Perhaps this has been answered and I’ve missed it, but does anyone know when Murdock will be aired again in the UK? I need my Yannick fix!!!

  62. Well Done! Canada has done it again. We discovered the series only this month and look forward weekly to the next episode. The entire cast is perfectly suited to their rolls, especially “Murdock”. Yannick Bisson is not only an amazing actor but he is classy and EXTREMELY good looking! Please do all that you can to keep this wonderfully entertaining series on the air. If anyone has not seen it they are missing out on great television. Thank you.

  63. hello I’m come from france and I want to know when murdoch mysteries will be on dvd in france please can someone answer me

  64. I have been a fan since “Nothing to Good for a Cowboy” first aired. I guess this time a little slow finding Murdock Mysteries. Good, Well Done once more. May it live on my set for 10 years!

  65. Love the show. Enjoy the stories and the actors. May it last a longtime.
    Could someone tell me when it will start in the fall of 2009.

  66. I’ve never been particularly drawn to Canadian television…until I checked out “Murdoch Mysteries”. All I can say is WOW! This show is masterfully done and easily rivals or even surpasses the quality of most shows, North American or otherwise. The chemistry between the stars is magical. I must say that Yannick Bisson is our Canadian jewel and he shines is every project he undertakes. He truly has made William Murdoch his own and I am thankful to the wisdom of Shaftsbury Films for utilizing his considerable talent. Also, to the brilliant Maureen Jennings, thank you for creating such a compelling character and premise! To Iden Ford, the brilliant photographer, I can’t thank you enough for your amazing blog, “Canadian Musings”. I look forward to every update :) Now, I must be off, as the commercial break during Season 2 episode ‘Convalescence’ is almost over and I adore this episode!

  67. I love this program but haven’t seen Murdock Mysteries new season start in September like all the new programs. Please tell me this hasn’t been cancelled. Finally a “good” Canadian Program, the first since Due South.

  68. I came to this website because I was looking to find out when the next eposide was going to be aired. At one time it was on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. This is a great Canadian show and it is obvious it has quite a following. I am hoping new esposides will be returning soon. This is a show that we all enjoy in my family. With one teenage son and another in his early twenties, along with my husband, it is not the easiest thing to find a program that we can all sit down and enjoy together. This show is one of the best on TV right now and am looking forward to many more seasons.

  69. Murdoch Mysteries has been filming at the Glanmore House in Belleville for several days. My daughter is a fan so we went to watch. It was an amazing experience. We met Murdoch, Crabtree and Dr. Ogden. The writer (Maureen Jennings) has a role in the episode that they filmed here. It was amazing to see the cast. It was truly unbelievable and we were treated extremely well as fans of this show. The show is great and we cannot wait for new episodes in 2010.

  70. Very disappointed…Murdoch Mysteries has not been shown in our area for about 2 months. It is such an excellent show, unlike most of the other offerings on TV today. Pls bring it back to us!

  71. When is the Murdoch Mysteries show coming back on air. It will be 2010 in a weeks time. Does anybody know if it coming back on for a second season and when.
    It is a great show and Yannick Bisson is a good actor
    Please someone let me know if the show is coming back on. Thank you

  72. I had seen the “Murdoch Mysteries” several times while perusing the menu on StarChoice, and finally decided to check it out. Wow! I am truly glad I did. It’s a great show, and those who recognize Mr. Bisson should know they are in the presence of great acting throughout this series. My wife has suggested tonight that the Golden Globes should be watched because of everything that goes on during that awards show, but, as sorry as I am, it isn’t enough of a draw to stop me from watching Murdoch Mysteries. Good job, all.

  73. This is a terrific series! My husband and I watch it on several stations and this is well done for a Canadian show. There is the odd time when something Canadian on TV is worth the watch and Murdock Mysteries is it. I hope it continues as a series. My favorite member of the cast is Crabtree but I also like Dr. Ogden and Murdock while my husband likes the police chief! All are very good at their parts. Do wonder where the romance will lead to between Murdock and Ogden!

    We really enjoy the show and hope it continues for some time yet. Very Good Work!

    Florence Blount

  74. This week I have watched the Murdoch Mysteries on ‘Alibi ‘(Virgin Cable T/V) Yannick is so gorgeous! I was surprised but delighted to see that it was filmed in the UK in my hometown of Bristol. Excellent!

  75. We love murdoch mysteries but are still watching reruns when will the new episodes start, one was filmed here in Belleville Ont fairly recently

  76. Fear not everyone, this show always ( for two seasons ) starts to air in the spring, not in the fall. If I recall correctly, it was April or May last year.

  77. i just checked Wikipedia, according to ‘them’, the new season airs on March 14, 2010 at 9:00 pm.

  78. We live in the USA and can’t get Murdoch Mysteries. My husband found it on line and bought Season One. I love
    it. We have been watching Sue Thomas FBEye. That is how I got hooked on Yannick Bisson. He is wonderful.
    I love Murdoch and have watched Season One over and over. I can’t wait for Season 2. Hoping for many seasons. It is a great show and the cast is amazing. Besides Murdoch, I hope there are more films or series to
    come for Yannick. I was really disappointed there were only 3 seasons of SueThomas. That was a fantastic
    series with an outstanding cast. Yannick Bisson is an amazing actor. I want to see him more often.

  79. Yannick Bisson is such a talented actor. I would even sacrifice my other favourite detectives, Poirot and Jessica Fletcher rather than miss the hour he spends with us star struck mortals. Long may he continue in the role of Murdock or any other role he willing to undertake in order to keep our appetites satisfied……Yummy guy .

  80. I have to comment again. I want to see Season 2 & 3 of Murdoch Myst. so much. Living in the US (Okla. City) makes it really impossible. I am totally hooked on Yannick Bisson. He is an amazing actor. I hope Murdock continues for years and years, even though I don’t know when I’ll be able to get them. I don’t know why we can’t get them in the US. I know they would be a “BIG HIT.’ I know Yannick is very busy, but would love to see him in some more made for TV films. We get the Hallmark channel and I would love to see Yannick in some films on that channel. Yannick is a multi-talented actor and I can’t wait to see more of him. You are # One- – -I have watched Season One so many times, I can almost recite every word. What a spectacular series. Fantastic

  81. Same comment again. I love Murdoch Myst.and Yannick is an amazing actor so talented. I want to see season
    2 and 3. Where can I get them?? Will there be more Seasons? I certainly hope so. I get to see a few clips
    now and then and they are awesome. When I see Yannick as Murdoch- – -what can you say? He is absolutely
    marvelous. I could watch Yannick day and night. What a well written- – – thrilling series. When my husband found Season One- All I did- – -was watch it over and over. If only the USA had the series on weekly. It would be wonderful. We definitely need some great series like “Murdoch” with great actors, especially Yannick Bisson.
    Please help me out- does anyone know where I can get Seasons 2 and 3 ?????

  82. I am really enjoying to watch Murdoch Mys on sky in England UK. I love it every mins nice to see quite different Yannick Bisson is so lovely, really great as Murdoch. hope it will continue in the near the future

  83. Jerri Swink – Here I am again. I am so thrilled. Season 2 will be out on Amazon May 4th. I can’t wait to watch it- only thing, I am also ready for Season 3. I am hoping we will be able to order Season 3 real soon. It would be great to get it in the Fall of 2010. I am so totally hooked. Yannick Bisson and the whole cast are awesome. Is there a chance Season 3 will be coming out in the Fall 2010?? I haven’t gotten Season 2 yet and I am already for Season 3 and hopefully a Season 4. I believe the Murdoch Mysteries could go on and on forever. They are so well written and the actors have such chemistry. I am also hoping for some new films of Yannicks.
    My husband has found alot of Yannicks older films and I love watching them. I know he must be busy doing the
    Murdoch Mys., but some new TV shows would be terrific. Is there any place – we could write Yannick Bisson??
    His agent, maybe?

  84. I have been reading the paperback Murdoch Mysteries by Maureen Jennings. I ordered the first 4 and I have just finished “Except the Dying.” I really enjoyed it. I am starting the 2nd one, I know I will like all of them. Now if I could only get Season 2 & 3 of Murdoch Myst. They are outstanding. Living in the US seems to cause some problems. I wish I could watch one show a week. It would be great. It has a great cast of actors. What chemistry!!! Yannick Bission is amazing. I first started watching Yannick in Sue Thomas FBEye and then my
    husband found Murdoch Mysteries. What a find! I love them. How can I get the other seasons of Murdoch? I hope there are “Many” more to come.

  85. Mr. Ford- I am enjoying Maureen Jennings Murdoch Mysteries. I have read one and ordered 3 more. I cannot wait. I should have Season 2 of Murdoch Myst. in about week. I am so excited. I wish I could get Season 3 also. When do you think Season 3 will be available? It is such a great series and so well written. The cast of actors is amazing. Yannick Bisson is spectacular- I have been hooked on him since I saw him in Sue Thomas FBEYE. I hope the Murdoch Mysteries continues for Many Seasons to come. I wish it was on in the US every
    week- How great that would be. I know I repeat myself, but the series is awesome and Yannick is mighty fine to look at — always!!!!

  86. I finally got Season 2 and I love it. Great writing and exciting stories. I watch it every day. I now have 5 books of Maureen Jennings and they are fantastic. I can’t put them down. I am reading the 3rd book. I don’t know how I will wait till Season 3 comes out on DVD. The last show of Season 2- has me so excited and wanting to see more. I hope the Season 3 set comes out sometime in 2010. Does anyone know?? I am so enjoying Murdoch Mysteries. Yannick Bisson is spectacular as Murdoch. The whole cast has such great chemistry. The show gives you just enough of Murdoch and Julia to keep you wanting more. I hope Season 4 goes well and there will be many, many more. This series is the best I’ve seen in a long time. I loved Sue Thomas FBEye and that is how I got totally interested in Yannick. That series was much to short. Here is wishing Murdoch Mysteries goes on forever. Tell Maureen Jennings I love her books. Is there any where we can write Yannick?? He is such a great actor and I would love to tell him. Can I get Maureen Jennings address?

  87. I now have Season 2- it is fantastic. I love it. The writing is the greatest. I have watched it many times and I can’t wait for Season 3. WHEN will it be available to purchase? I am so glad they are working on Season 4, I do hope there will be many, many seasons to come. Yannick is amazing as Murdoch. What a marvelous actor. The whole cast is just perfect. They work so well together. I am anxious to see if there will be More of Wm. and Julia together. They have so much chemistry. I love seeing them together. I have now finished all 6 of the Murdoch Mysteries by Maureen Jennings. I can not put them down. I loved everyone of them. Thank you
    Ms. Jennings for writing them. I am sure I will be re- reading them again– very soon. Someone- please let me know when Season 3 will be available to purchase. It is such an exciting series to watch– and let us not forget how handsome and wonderful an actor Yannick Bisson happens to be. KEEP writing and filming all those wonderful Murdoch Mysteries.

  88. I just thought I would write and ask if it is at all possible to have a note sent to my aunt in England who is a great fan of Yannick Bisson and has been following the show for a long time. I was quite surprised at her request as she is 83 years old, though she has always had a keen eye for a good mystery and still loves her suspense novels!! Sadly I came to learn of her wish when I was home in England to see my uncle who was in the hospital at the time. So I was sent back to Canada with this quest. I hope that someone might find it in their heart to reply to this request so that I can give you her coordinates. Many thanks for keeping my aunt entertained so avidly and I wish you all a Happy Canada Day!

  89. July 11,2010
    we love the Murdoch Mysteries. PLEASE continue this truly wonderful series….It surpasses any other
    shows and should be among the top classic’s.

  90. Does anyone know when Season 3 will be available? I got the other 2 seasons from Amazon in the US. I love this series so much. The actors are so amazing and it is well written. I am thrilled there will be a Season 4, but I am crazy to get a hold of Season 3. I keep looking on our PBS, but no luck. It would be wonderful to see this as a weekly show.

    I have read all of Maureen Jenning’s novels. The Murdoch Mysteries are marvelous. Ms Jennings is truly brilliant –
    I am starting to read them again. I have read several of them in a day – you can’t put them down. I just heard about Christine Morris series, that Ms. Jennings has written. I am on my way to my favorite bookstore to purchase some. I know they will be excellent. I am so looking forward to start reading some of them. Excuse me for repeating- BUT if anyone knows when Season 3 will be available- please let me know. Some things you just can’t find in the US. Thank you.

  91. It is likely the series three DVD will be available around the time Series four goes to air. That would make around early 2011

  92. I would love it if Murdoch follow Julia to Buffalo and ask her married and she saids yes and comes back to Toronto with him as his wife.

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