In the news: No Opportunity Wasted interviews

From Alex Strachan of CanWest:

  • TV opportunity knocks
    “To hear Phil Keoghan tell it, No Opportunity Wasted is about making the most of every moment, about taking off your suit and/or tie — ‘and maybe a lot more while you’re at it’ — and swerving off that predictable road you’ve been travelling all these years onto a strange and bumpy path, ‘that just might, with a bit of luck, get you lost.’ Not that Keoghan advocates becoming lost as a life philosophy. It’s just that, after a close brush with death while scuba diving off a shipwreck when he was just 19, he decided not just to live life to its fullest, but to encourage others to do the same.”

From the Montreal Gazette:

  • Make the leap
    “‘Making a list gives you focus,’ Keoghan said during a telephone interview. ‘I hear ‘maybe one day’ so much. I say, why wait until the kids finish college? The older you get the more set in your ways you become and you fear failure. It’s good to push beyond that fear.'”
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