In the news: Twitch City, Slings and Arrows

Scott McLemee of Inside Higher Ed writes about Twitch City and Slings and Arrows on DVD (scroll down):

  • Beach Blanket Bingo
    • “Adolescence isn’t just for teenagers any more. “Twitch City,” an absurdist sitcom that premiered on Canadian television in 1998, offers one of the funniest portraits around of someone determined to avoid the demands of adult life.It ran through 13 episodes before the show ended in 2000. The recent DVD release doesn’t provide many features. Still, it’s good to have the whole series available to those of us who weren’t part of its original cult following.”
    • “Another product of Canada worth a look is “Slings and Arrows,” an ensemble comedy/drama that just finished its third and final season on the Sundance Channel. The first two (each consisting of six one-hour episodes) are now available on DVD.”