In the news: Shaw demanding Television Fund changes again

Grant Robertson of the Globe and Mail reports on the new challenge to the Canadian Television Fund:

  • Shaw demands ‘radical change’ in CTF
    “Mr. Shaw has said the money could be put to better use. Though it has spawned some Canadian success stories, such as Trailer Park Boys and Little Mosque on the Prairie, which received $2.8-million and $2.5-million respectively last year, much of the money is being wasted on ‘shows nobody watches,’ he has said.”

Patricia Bailey of Playback talks to the head of the CTF:

  • Shaw attacks CTF, again
    “‘The letter is a major surprise,’ [Douglas] Barrett tells Playback Daily. ‘We are doing our best to operate on a status quo basis pending the results of the CRTC review. Those bylaw amendments are all housekeeping. Nothing substantial is changing. Our procedures and practices are the same now as in previous years.'”