ReGenesis season finale Sunday, June 17

Season three of ReGenesis concludes Sunday, June 17 AT 8 P.M. ET/7 P.M. PT on The Movie Network and Movie Central

  • Victor Garber (Alias) guest stars as the enigmatic Olivier Roth –

A massive global conspiracy is revealed in the season finale of ReGenesis, airing Sunday, June 17 at 8 p.m. ET on The Movie Network (eastern Canada) and 7 p.m. PT on Movie Central (western Canada).

Season four of ReGenesis premieres in Spring 2008 on The Movie Network and Movie Central.

David (Peter Outerbridge) discovers a link between the tantalum contamination, which is destroying computers worldwide, and the recent smallpox scam. He’s confident that Carlton Riddlemeyer (Geraint Wyn Davies) is in on the scheme, but the mysterious death of Titus Muyerbridge (Noam Jenkins), Carlton’s financial partner, leaves David searching for another suspect.

Meanwhile, following his experimental surgery, Bob’s (Dmitry Chepovetsky) vision is improving daily, but the injected virus has also made him hypersensitive to the emotions of others. Somehow the viral activation of formerly dormant genes has genetically evolved him into a higher consciousness. He needs brain surgery but David wonders if the death of Muyerbridge, whose company, Auflander Docheimer Industries, was behind Bob’s previous operations, will jeopardize the procedure. But Dr. Turnbull (Leah Pinsent) assures David that Olivier Roth (Victor Garber), founder of Auflander Docheimer, has promised the operation will go forward.

Reassured, David goes to collect Bob. But Bob is gone and NorBAC soon learns that Olivier Roth may have connections not only to Robbie McCain, the man behind the smallpox scheme, but to the magnetobacteria contamination as well . . . and now he has Bob.