Terminal City heads to US

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  • Highly-Acclaimed Dramatic Series to Make U.S. Premiere

Program Partners announced today its sale of the dramatic mini-series Terminal City to the Sundance Channel. The highly acclaimed ten-part series, starring Maria Del Mar (Blue Murder, Pentagon Papers) and Gil Bellows (The Weatherman, Shawshank Redemption, Ally McBeal), portrays a mother’s battle with cancer as she confronts her destiny with humor and becomes the nation’s next reality TV star. The provocative, edgy series will make its U.S. premiere on Sundance Channel in early 2008.

“Terminal City, with its brilliant script and phenomenal performances, is truly a gem,” said Josh Raphaelson of Program Partners. “American viewers have never seen anything like this, and Sundance Channel will be the perfect venue to introduce it to them.”

Terminal City was produced by Crescent Entertainment and Big Dog Productions and chronicles the story of a 43-year old mother of three who, after being diagnosed with breast cancer, takes over an ailing reality show and turns it into a hit just as her body and life begin to change. The series follows the dynamics of the family living in crisis, as they confront fear with comedy, loss with adulation and death with life.

Terminal City has received numerous international awards and nominations. The series received six Gemini Award nominations, including Best Dramatic Series. Creator and writer Angus Fraser was nominated for Best Writing, and Gil Bellows and Paul Soles were both nominated for Best Performances, with Soles being awarded the Gemini.

“Terminal City is a remarkable and innovative series that Sundance Channel is proud to present,” said Laura Michalchyshyn, Executive Vice President and GM Programming and Creative Affairs, Sundance Channel.

Program Partners is marketing Terminal City as an outgrowth of its overall distribution agreement with Thunderbird Films.


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  1. Stumbled across this film. Never heard of it. My job is to OK great music in film & television & beyond. “Get a Life”, you say. “Listen to this”, I respond. Music is by “Schaun Tozer & Ben Mink”. Series is pretty good. Main actress is brilliant.

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