In the news: The Best Years reviews

The show is debuting in the US this week but airs on Global Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

Jacqueline Cutler of the New Jersey Star-Ledger relates to it:

  • charityshea2Mom’s TV log: A week’s worth of family viewing
    “All too often, teen dramas are too sexy or just laughable. But this one, from “Degrassi” writer Aaron Martin, captivates because it is different and honest. As someone who almost lost my chance because of the dreaded mandatory meal ticket, I related to it. More shocking, my daughter, who won’t have to finagle her way out of said meal ticket, also loved it.”

Rich Heldenfels of the Ohio Beacon Journal isn’t as impressed:

  • These aren’t `Best Years’
    “If The Best Years was a little better acted, a little more dramatic, a little more carefully thought out — a little more something, then I might have forgiven the many clunks and creaks in the premiere.”