In the news: Vancouver TV production

John Doyle reports from Vancouver:

  • Live from Vancouver, where the action is
    “Intelligence comes from Haddock Entertainment, as did Da Vinci’s Inquest and Da Vinci’s City Hall. All three have been made here, set here and have dealt with issues that directly reflect the reality of life in and around Vancouver. Da Vinci’s City Hall focused to an extraordinarily detailed and compelling degree on the municipal politics and street life of a major Canadian city. This fall, I understand, there will be a Da Vinci’s City Hall TV movie for CBC. I’ll be talking to Chris Haddock in the next few days about that. I’ll also be talking to John Cassini, who stars in Intelligence as Ronnie Delmonico, the key sidekick to main character Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey). Cassini also stars in Robson Arms as Yuri Kukoc, the superintendent of the Robson Arms apartment building. “

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  1. The article’s from today. “In the news” is a slug I use on this site to identify articles from newspapers rather than media releases. The idea is to click on the link and actually read the article, which should make it pretty clear.

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