X-Weighted season 2 airs July 5; season 3 filming now

From a media release:

Let the Losing Begin: X-Weighted finds 13 new stories in Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg

Thirteen new weight-loss journeys begin this week in Toronto, Calgary and Winnipeg for participants who have signed up for the third season of Slice’s hit television series X-Weighted. The dramatic struggle between the participants’ weight and their dreams are being captured on camera between June 28, 2007 and January 26, 2008 for broadcast in Spring 2008.

While Season III filming gets underway, so does the premiere broadcast of Season II, starting Thursday, July 5 at 8 p.m. ET/PT (Check local listings). The season kicks off with the story of Toronto party girl Valencia who, slapped in the face by her overweight father’s stroke, realizes she’s killing herself with obesity. Determined not to leave her two teenage boys without a parent, Valencia commits to reform.

Created by Edmonton’s Gemini-award winning Anaid Productions (Taking It Off, Family Restaurant, The Rig), X-Weighted tells the naked truth about weight loss, recording the gut-wrenching inner and outer journeys of the participants, each of whom is featured in a one-hour documentary that witnesses the schemes and dreams that turn into gritty realities and inspiring breakthroughs that characterize the drama of weight loss. The program focuses on the underlying causes and on-going triggers for excess weight as these frank and feisty people grapple with their personal flaws, emotional baggage and suppressed conflicts.

X-Weighted includes guidance served up by experts in fitness, nutrition and self-esteem. No-nonsense fitness expert Paul Plakas advises, cajoles and harangues participants on exercise and nutrition, and Fred Connors, a self esteem expert, provides self-confidence support as he challenges participants to see themselves in a new light.

“We went through an exhaustive search in four cities, including Victoria, to discover the most inspiring stories we could find,” says Executive Producer Margaret Mardirossian of Anaid Productions. “These courageous individuals are embarking on a transformational journey over the next six months that will change many lives – we can’t wait to cheer them on in their ambitious goals.”

Shedding pounds in Toronto:

  • Two joined-at-the-hip sisters from Zimbabwe who are living the immigrant dream in a new country where excess is the norm.
  • A stay-at-home new dad hell bent on regaining the athletic prowess he had before a threatening medical issue sideswiped his life.
  • A beer-drinking ‘one of the guys’ manager of a maintenance crew who’s eaten her way out of the dating game.

Weighing-in from Calgary:

  • A young mother of three who wants to be her husband’s ‘trophy wife’ again.
  • A sugar-addicted chiropractor determined to regain her bikini-hot size two body and be the pinnacle of the ‘good health’ she preaches to clients.
  • A new mother by day – roller derby queen by night who wants to be femininely beautiful while busting heads on the rink.
  • An extreme care-giver and defender of the down-trodden whose splitting headaches and eating habits leave her feeling that she will burst at the seams.
  • A country-rock singer whose band is about to take off – but she can no longer keep up with their high energy show.

And in Winnipeg meet:

  • A mother still reeling from the sudden loss of her son two years ago who joins forces with her teen daughter to lose weight and gain a deeper bond.
  • Two sisters who set out to slim down and show their skeptical husbands they have what it takes to change their fast food lifestyle.
  • An engaged teacher, whose humor deflects an explosive mix of emotions as a result of being the fat guy in the room.
  • Next-door neighbour stay-at-home moms with opposite personalities, who tackle ‘baby fat’ while juggling the needs of their young families.
  • A mom who feeds the kids in her home daycare with nutritious meals while she eats emotionally to deal with her brother’s recent sudden death.

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  1. I was wondering if you could let me know when the show with the Kelowna woman is going to be televised because there was a day at the spa which my daughter works .. We don’t want to miss it, it was at The Grand (spa) in Kelwona British Columbia,, please let me know so we can watch it..

  2. Amy

    Date Week Day MST Times EST Times PST Times

    Sept.20th Thursday 6pm/9pm 8pm/11pm 5pm/8pm

    Sept. 22nd Saturday 9am 11am 8am

    Sept. 23rd Sunday 5pm 7pm 4pm

    Sept. 24th Monday 7am 9am 6am

    Sept. 26th Wednesday 1pm 3pm 12pm

  3. Hey!
    I was wondering if you can tell me if theres gonna be a season 4 and when the auditions will be for winnipeg. I keep missing them :S And I’m down to my last wits end

  4. Please let me know when the joined-at-the-hip sisters from Zimbabwe show will bw aired.I am their proud aunt from Zimbabwe.I am thrilled for them and wish them all the best.As a sport scientist I laud them for just accepting to take “the journey ” with you .There are so many places within you that you will find,there is so much discovery ahead.It is very exciting.Thank you so much..I love them lotsxxxxxxAunty Berry

  5. Hi,

    If you are interested in auditioning for X-Weighted we recommend you watch the website http://www.slice.ca for future casting calls.

    The sisters from Zimbabwe episode will air spring or summer 08.

    Thanks for your interest in X-Weighted!

    Check out new episodes of X-Weighted airing Thursdays on the Slice Network.

  6. Hi. I am from Zimbabwe now living in Toronto and have gained 50lbs since moving here. I am eager to see how your two participants from my country can help motivate myself and many like me. I was so excited to read this and shocked to see Zimbabwe. Maybe two people im familiar with. I will watch proudly and hope I learn a thing or two to help me get off my butt.So nice to see the diversity of Toronto represented in your show.
    Go Team Zimbabwe. make us proud.

  7. Hi there are there ever going to be anymore casting calls in Kelowna? Do you have to be a certain amount overweight to qualify? I think your show is really informative and positive, I really enjoy watching it. I heard this rumor that Paul is single, is this true? ( just asking for fun)

  8. Good day

    I am the proud mother of the two beautiful participants in Toronto. Whilst they are truly “joined at the hip sisters”, they are two individuals of totally different character, with a common goal to shed a little unwanted weight, as most woman wish to do. I congratulate them on their boldness and I know they will do us all proud. I keep track of their progress and its only but going from strength to strength. They have always had so much confidence coupled with this opportunity, thanks to X-weighted, – well the skys the limit for them. I love them very much……………………..keep going girls and thanks to their trainer/support team at X-weighted for the opportunity.

  9. Hi! I was at the gym tonight that I just joined and met a mom and daughter that are taking part in your show!! I was so impressed at how they worked together and were encouraging each other to ‘keep at it’. I was changing in the locker room and they were talking(of course at the time I didn’t know it was them) and one of them said they were so tired and the other just encouraged and rallied her. They had such an amazing routine and workout going on I had to ask where they got their workout. That is when the daugher shared with me about the t.v. show they are filming(your show) and about their trainer and the workout they were doing. I was so curious I immediately came home and had to check it out online. I don’t live near my family and was thinking and feeling how fortunate they are to have each other to be able to encourage each other and support each other in what is such a hard battle to win: weight loss and healthy lifestyle. I also thought it would be so fun to do something like this with my mom if only we lived closer to each other. Anyhow…just watching them really encouraged me. I didn’t speak with the daughter long as I didn’t want to interrupt their workout but now I am really glad I did. I plan to check out the show and hopefully with be able to watch them on their journey from the beginning and see where it takes them!! I don’t know if you will read this ladies…but if you do..THANK YOU!!!

  10. Hi I was wondering if you will ever do a show from Timmins Ontario. I really enjoy your show and would really like to be part of it. I have found it really hard finding any support here and think we need something like this here. There are so many people that would benefit from this including myself who is at least 60 lbs over weight at 23 years old and climbing. Please wright me back. I’m in desperate need.

    sincerly, Lisa

  11. Hi I’m 60 lbs over weight, getting married next year june 2008, I need help to lose weight to look beautifull in my dress on my wedding day. Thank you for your help.

  12. I was wondering if there will be a show for people from Windsor, Ontario………I believe there are lots of overweight people here (myself included) that would welcome the chance to be on the show to help control their appetite and learn to eat properly and excercise.

    Thanx in advanced.
    Penny Glover

  13. hi i am 23 years old, weight at 210 pounds. I was an immigrant in canada in 1997. since the day i was born i was overweigh. My parents, grandparents always said eat this or that, and if somone would leave something in their plate i would be the one to finish that. I studies here, went to college here, got married here. I am proud to be a canadian. I don’t call myself a loser, but now i am realizing that i am taking my life away. my parents were always ashamed of mine, beacuse i couldn’t do anything, i was moody, and i was the one to get blame for everything. Since i was a child i would marry young, i was 19 when i did, i am very happy that i got a husband who loves me dearly, but sometimes he doesn’t even realize that he brakes my heart. I am young, and smart, i want to do so much in life but i feel like my weight is just pulling me down, i have always thought of others but i think its time to think for myself, thats what i think everymorning i get up but as the day goes on i just…… i do exercise once a month, and thats it. I need paul’s help…. I need him beacuse i know he is a person who know how to make a person like me to come alive, otherwise i’ll just die alone, and people think that oh she was a burden on earth anyways…. i don’t know how to ask for help, but i know that who to ask for help and thats paul…. thankx alot

  14. Hi

    I love x-weighted and watch it al the time in England. Are there any plans to broadcast the second season in England? Also how do I find out how the contestants from season 1 are getting on? Thanks.

  15. hey everyone at z-wieghted!!

    my name is marta, i’m 31yrs old. i am a mother of one and a stepmother of one. ever since i had my daughter 4yrs ago i’ve had troubles sustaining a healthy weight and life style. i’ve gained almost 40lbs since. i’ve seen the show and love it!!! what do i need to do to get on it? i live in calgary ab. and i know you film here. so………please let me try. i do try to stay positive i just need that extra little push and guidance. thankyou for giving me your time and possible consideration.

  16. Can you please tell me where valencia’s personal trainer Dwayne Walker is located and how I can contact him for personal training does he have a website

  17. is valencia also doing fitness classes i have 60lbs to lose i have a long story getting my life back and my next goal is fitness

  18. I love X- Weighted. A dietician from one of the shows stays at our Hotel in Radium Hot Springs often. Her name is Sandra, very nice lady!
    My husband is the General manager and I’m his assistant. Just wondering if X Weighted would travel 2.5 hours out side of Calgary to do a show. We would be able to come to Calgary easily to do some filming. Thank You.

    Monique Lemcke

  19. Can you tell me when this will televise in Santa Cruz CAL. And is Crystal Andrus involved in the show??

  20. I would love to know more about fitness competitions as that would be a great goal for me. I was very inspired by the show tonight. Where in Calgary did you go to find the trainer for the fitness competition?

  21. I love the show but I have just discovered it. I have seen a few of the Season 2 shows and wonder if you will be repeating any of the season 1 shows……and if so….when? Thank You for any help that you can give me on this matter…Sin., Cyn

  22. Oddly enough, I just discovered the show myself. I happened to be at Slice’s Web site and saw you can watch all the episodes from season 2 and 3 online!

    For anyone who wants to see them, check out:


  23. As a man who lost well over 100 Lbs and has kept it off for nearly a decade, I wish to lend my support and regards for your show. i did this the hard way and the real way, which is what your show espouses. I became an elite personal trainer and broke records at 2 fitness companies. I share this with you to hopefully encourage you to NEVER give up. Do it right, the way X-weighted does, and the loss will stick.

    Good luck!

  24. Greetings from San Antonio, TX, where it is hot, hot, hot. I totally support X Weighted and those on it’s journey of pure, healthy, sensible eating and really pushing yourself in workouts. I watch the show religiously for inspiration on my own journey. I still have about 90 pounds to go. So far I’ve lost over 100 pounds. The heat sets me back, but I always have the air-conditioned gym. Go X-Weighters! You can do it!

  25. Hi my is Dawn l like your show to l know that you won’t help someone like me because l’m not overweight but l’m put on weight & l ‘am out of shape .l have been very depressed l can’t get out of bed also in the past as well as now l feel like l’m done with it all l do it anymore .l feel bad about myself my son thinks l’m lazy & l’m fauling him . l just have no get up &go . l know you will not help me as l said but thank you for your time .please take care.

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  27. hey everyone;

    I’ve been seeing that a few people have been looking for Valencia’s trainer Dwayne. Well he is in Toronto and he has a new group training class. You can check it out on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/competitiveedgetraining or email him about it. The site will be up soon. It is competitiveedgetraining.webs.com

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