In the news: Best Years reviews

These are reviews about the American premiere, about the show currently airing on Global:

David Bianculli of the NY Daily News:

  • Class struggle in ‘Best Years’
    “”Degrassi” head writer Aaron Martin is the creator of “The Best Years,” and establishes his new, college-age series with a scattershot approach that would earn different grades. For starters, he gets an A for casting Charity Shea as Samantha. She’s a fresh-faced young actress who, like Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada,” exudes vulnerability, confidence and casual beauty.”

Robert Philpot of the Star-Telegram:

  • ‘The Best Years’ has the smarts for college
    “With Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls no longer doing first-run episodes, there’s a dearth of series about college. The Best Years, the first series on The N to move into higher education, tries to change that. It doesn’t have Veronica’s smarts or Gilmore’s wit, but it’s a watchable genre entry nonetheless.”
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One thought on “In the news: Best Years reviews”

  1. man, the best years is the shit.
    it’s an amazing show.
    i love it, hands down.
    it’s my favorite show.
    charity shea, and brandon jay mclaren are my heroes..

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