In the news: Sanctuary born out of West Coast innovation

John Doyle of the Globe and Mail talks to Damian Kindler, creator of the online series Sanctuary:

  • Slick new West Coast sci-fi only online
    “One reason why Sanctuary might well succeed as a rare example of pay-to-see content on the Internet (outside of pornography) is its roots in the sci-fi genre. Kindler spent years working as a writer and producer on the Stargate series, which is made in Vancouver. ‘You have this very loyal fan base with a series like Stargate,’ he says. ‘If you pay attention to what the fans are saying, you realize that people spend far more time discussing it online than actually watching it on TV. This is an audience that is ready and willing to accept TV on the Internet and invest in it to the point of paying to see it. Why not deliver the content to where they already are – on the Internet?'”