In the news: The Week the Women Went, and more

John Doyle of the Globe and Mail talks to producer David Paperny:

  • Meet a pragmatist whose success mirrors B.C.’s
    “Right now, Paperny and his partners, Audrey Mehler and Cal Shumiatcher, are preoccupied with The Week the Women Went, a reality series to air on CBC in early 2008. The premise, which originated with the BBC, has all the women leaving a small town for a week, forcing the local men to cope with everything their wives or partners might normally perform. Paperny got the call to make the series for CBC and chose the small Alberta town of Hardisty, population 743. The filming was done in June and, according to Paperny, the show is both bizarre and entertaining. ‘I think this is the sort of populist programming that CBC wants to do right now. And I think it will be a hit. The footage of the women – they went to Canmore to enjoy themselves – is utterly fascinating.'”

4 thoughts on “In the news: The Week the Women Went, and more”

  1. What is the scheduled dates for the premiere of ‘The Week The Women Went on Strike’?

    Looking forward to your anticipated response.

  2. I just watch the first show, it was fabolous. I thought finally something close to home!!!
    On the flip side why just small towns? Prince Albert is small but there are more than 750 (or so) people.
    I found myself actually having something in common with a lot of the women on the show. I may not live in Alberta but, the husband Chris does, he is there 8 months out of the year as he drives truck for the oil patch, while I work at a casino full time. In the last 11 years we have been togather (and 3 children later) I too have been away from my children for just 5 days while he manned the home front. Although it was for work purposes only an hour and a half away it sure was different not having to do the daily chores around the home.

    I have a small idea, what if you had an application for lets say one town at a time, example Prince Albert and then pick and choose the right candidates that will fit the same criteria, you all used for the Alberta based show?? I know you used probably 95% of the women in Hardisty, but you can select ones that may have been similar to those fine ladies there.

    I for one would love to be one of those ladies!!

    Like the last post, I too anticipate a response
    Thanks Very Much and Have a Great Day!! :)

    Alishia Stevens

  3. This is the 2nd week of The Week The Women Went. Even with satallite choices as bad as they are I had to shut it off tonite before it was finished. Boring, slow, and disgusting. Please remember these people do not represent all of Hardisty or Alberta.

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