Are We There Yet: World Adventure

From a media release:

  • Produced in association with National Geographic Kids Entertainment and UNICEF

From climbing Machu Picchu to tracking polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, “Are we there yet?: World Adventure” is the first-ever Canadian live-action pre-school travel adventure series for kids, hosted by kids. Each 39 x 7′ episode tracks the globetrotting adventures of two brother/sister duos who alternate taking kids at home on a breathtaking tour of six continents, 12 countries and almost 35 cities. “Are we there yet?: World Adventure”, a Treehouse original production, is produced by Sinking Ship Entertainment (This is Daniel Cook; Roll Play) in association with National Geographic Kids and with the support of UNICEF. The series premieres on Treehouse Mon., Sept. 3 at 7:55 p.m. ET and on Discovery Kids Canada on Sat., Sept. 8 at 10:30 a.m. ET.

“We wanted to build a series that celebrates every part of the world through a child’s perspective,” says J.J. Johnson, Creator, Director, Co-Producer and Writer of “Are we there yet?: World Adventure”. “Our hope is to spark an interest, from a very young age, in different cultures and places around the globe.”

In each seven-minute episode, sibling adventurers – Julian (8) and Rosie (6) or Molly (8) and Sam (6) – experience each culture by interacting with local children and experts, eating local food, exploring a local man-made or natural wonder, playing local games and/or attending local festivals. They share their experiences with children at home through journal writings, drawings and photographs. Countries visited include Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, England, France, Germany, Ukraine, India, Kenya, Thailand and the United States. The producers chose the countries to reflect Canada’s own cultural diversity.

Complemented by an innovative and expansive website, “Are we there yet?: World Adventure” extends the viewing experience with dynamic games, interactive maps and exclusive unseen footage, enabling the viewer at home to go on their own digital world wide adventure launching this September at


CANADA: Molly and Sam arrive in Churchill, Manitoba where they board a massive snow tank called a tundra buggy. As the tundra buggy rolls over the snowy ground, our intrepid adventurers see an arctic fox, a polar bear and come up with creative games to while away the ride.

UKRAINE: Molly and Sam explore the streets of Kiev where they ride a cable-driven funicular railway, go to an artists’ market and craft traditional Ukrainian Easter Eggs.

FRANCE: Julian and Rosie go sightseeing in Paris where they sketch with a French artist, taste crêpes for the first time and finish their adventure atop the Eiffel Tower.

USA: In the giant city of New York, Rosie and Julian see gigantic dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and have great time skating in colossal Central Park.

INDIA: Rosie and Julian journey to one of the wonders of the world – the Taj Mahal. Along the way, they watch a traditional Indian dance and ride a camel.

KENYA: Rosie and Julian go to a school in Kenya to hand-out UNICEF supplies. The duo join the school for the national anthem, play some stick games, then head indoors to make clay animals. Later they visit an elephant orphanage in Nairobi National Park to help take care of three baby elephants.

Sinking Ship Entertainment is an award-winning television production and new media company dedicated to creating groundbreaking live-action programming and cross-platform new media content. Sinking Ship has created and produced some of Canada’s most successful children’s programmes to date including “This is Daniel Cook”, “This is Emily Yeung”, “Roll Play” and “I dare you!”. Their next series – “Are we there yet?: World Adventure” and “The Jungle Room” – launch in fall 2007. Sinking Ship Entertainment is the brainchild of three recent Ryerson University graduates – J.J. Johnson, Matt Bishop, and Blair Powers. The trio, together with partner Liz Haines, continually identifies ways to push the live-action programming genre into new territory.

Treehouse, seen in over six million homes across Canada, offers a unique television environment that is in tune with the interests and developmental levels of pre-school children. Treehouse is owned by Corus Entertainment, a Canadian-based media and entertainment company. Corus is a market leader in both specialty TV and Radio. Corus also owns Nelvana Limited, an internationally recognized producer and distributor of children’s programming and products. The Company’s other interests include music, television broadcasting and advertising services. A publicly traded company, Corus is listed on the Toronto (CJR.NV.B) and New York (CJR) Exchanges. Corus’ website can be found at

National Geographic Kids Entertainment is an independent production and U.S. distribution entity of National Geographic Ventures. Established in 2003, NGKE brings the renowned National Geographic brand to children’s entertainment through the development, production and distribution of quality animated and live-action, entertainment-driven programming that excites kids to explore their world. NGKE will work with all major broadcast outlets in the United States and abroad. For more information about National Geographic, visit

UNICEF is the world’s leader for children, working in 156 countries and territories to save, protect and enhance the lives of girls and boys. UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, promotes quality basic education, protects children from violence, exploitation and AIDS, and is the world’s largest provider of vaccines for developing nations. A global leader in emergencies with six decades of on-the-ground experience, UNICEF saves and rebuilds children’s lives in natural disasters and conflict. UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations, schools, associations and governments.


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  1. I love this show and more importantly, my daughter loves it too. It is a great way to see the world and learn about others. The only downside… she keeps asking when we can go see the Eiffel tower. :)

  2. My 3 yr old son & I absolutely love this show. It has a catchy theme song that we try and sing along with, but it doesn’t stay on that long. I wouldn’t mind finding out the lyrics for the song. It’s good to see places that I know we could never afford to travel to ourselves.

  3. My 4 yr old LOVES this show. It is so educational. My daughter has learned so much about different cities and countries around the world. She is able to identify landmarks in pictures and paintings and loves pointing out Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.
    She keeps asking to go to Costa Rica and Peru. We are now making a list of where we are going to travel to….I think Costa Rica is first.

  4. For those wondering, the theme song is a truncated version of “Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root. There’s variations of the lyrics kicking around the internet, find whichever one sounds most right to you ;)

  5. THANK YOU Bek – I’ve been looking for the lyrics to that retarded song for ages. It makes no sense at all when you hear it on the show; it’s so poorly sung and garbled. I really can’t stand it…!

    That said, we quite enjoy the show itself. It’s extremely educational and exciting for the kids, and much much better than the Daniel Cook/Emily Yeung shows.

  6. I love the show its so good but the real fun part is I get to her about the adventures in person because I grew of with Molly and the show is so educational I LOVE THE SHOW

  7. the show is brilliant and I enjoy it, maybe more so than my son.
    the show is educational, fun, new and exciting.
    I love the places that the children go and enjoy leaning about the cammunity, the indeviduals, and some of thier customs the show it’s self is wonderful.

  8. Love the show,… and my 6 year old nephew LOVES it too. Thanks so much for this great programming.

    The song is well-suited. For anyone interested in the lyrics, see this link, SEND ME ON MY WAY .

  9. My son, my doughter and I all love this program and the song.
    So, thanks Dris for the link to the lyrics!

  10. My wife and I love the theme song to “Are we there yet?” We enjoy the show aswell however, our daughter is a little young to truly appreciate it. Would you be able to provide us with the artist as I continue to try to get it off of the credits but keep missing it. Keep up the great work.

    Regards, Rob Heal

  11. the theme song is called send me on my way by… rusted root its also known as send me on my way on the ice age sound track and it is played a couple times in matilda

  12. We would love to know more information on how children/siblings can audition for a new series if the opportunity would ever arise? What an amazing chance of a lifetime for children to obtain. Please email me more information if this opportunity could ever again become possible for others’ children. Thank you.

  13. I have been searching the internet for a long time to find the soundtrack for the program..I am so glad I stumbled upon this page. I am so happy. I have been blasting the song for the last hour. Thanks

  14. What a fabulous show! We would like to learn more about possible opportunies to become involved with the show. Thank you very much.

  15. Does anyone know the name of the hotel they stayed at in Mexico, it looks like a nice place

  16. My family is interested in participating in this show. It is my favorite children’s show and my girls always yell “Mom, your favorite show is on!!” each time it airs. We’ve talked of travelling and would love to be an “Are we there yet?” family. Please contact me if there is ever an opportunity.

  17. Love the show, whenever it is on my little one stops what he is doing to watch. Great idea, I was wondering how to sign ones child up to be a part of the travels. In addition are you only taking brother sister team or would you accept just one child.

  18. We would love to know more information on how children/siblings can audition for a new series if the opportunity would ever arise? What an amazing chance of a lifetime for children to obtain. Please email me more information if this opportunity could ever again become possible for others’ children. Thank you.

  19. I love this show and would like to send my nephew a dvd of the series. I can’t seem to find it anywhere, on-line or in store. Does anyone know where I could get a copy?

  20. My kids and I love this show and as soon as I watched it I thought my kids would love to do something like that they are always asking questions about places and the show travels to so many wonderful places that they would love to explore…..please keep my email for future castings so that they could audition for the show when you have open calls…thanks

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