In the news: Canadian Idol top 9

From CTV:

  • Rihanna advises Idols to work like they have a hit
    “I thought ‘if I can be an inspiration to these young people who want to be entertainers jus like I am then it’s a great cause,'” she said, adding that she also looks for any excuse to come back to Canada.

From the Regina Leader-Post:

From Nova News Now:

  • Dwight d’Eon survives another week on Canadian Idol
    “The suspense of whether Dwight d’Eon would move forward to the Top 9 ended quickly Wednesday night as the West Pubnico singer and Tara Oram from Newfoundland were the first two competitors to be told they had survived the elimination round.”

From Reality TV Calendar:

  • Canadian Idol: Signed, Sealed, Eliminated
    “Tonight we finally find out who will be in Canadian Idol’s coveted Top 10. This week, the men stepped it up and the ladies changed it up. Honestly, it’s anyone’s guess figuring out who will be in this year’s Top 10.”

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  1. Only one young singer on Monday July 30th could I actually hear the words. The American version has the same fault. Yes, I am old and partly deaf, but when the lyrics are carefully articulated, I can hear them distinctly. So often the words are slugged. They need a diction coach.
    SEC. Niagara District, Ontario

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