In the news: Canadian Idol recaps

From CTV, who can’t contain their adoration for their own show:

  • Top 9 amaze judges with one of best shows ever
    “After weeks of judge reprimands for choosing songs from eras past, Canadian Idol’s Top 9 had a good excuse to rock the hits from the good old days – 1960s theme week. Choosing some of decade’s grittiest songs, the competitors showed their ability to relate to songs well beyond their years.”

Recap by Reality TV Calendar, who aren’t quite as thrilled:

  • Canadian Idol: The Top Nine Perform
    “Last week on Canadian Idol, the Idols sang to number one hits but instead, the night was full of misses. There were some surprises that came from Dwight and Matt, then there disappointing performances from early favourites Greg and Carly. For Carly, this landed her in the bottom 3, accompanied by Khalila and Mila. To my disappointment, we said goodbye to one of my favourites, Mila Miller and her fro lightning. “