Upcoming episode: The Best Years’ finale, Global, Aug. 14


Tuesday, August 14 – 10pm ET/PT

As the first term comes to a close and with the holidays quickly approaching, Samantha decides to take a chance and contact someone from her past; Dawn struggles with the reality of accepting a movie role, forcing her to choose between a career in film or the new life she’s been building for herself at Charles U; Kathryn gets a reality check from the school administration about the state of her grades.


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  1. i was just wondering why the summary says nothing abt trent……i hope that trent and sam stay together

  2. If anyone knows the song at the end of Best Years finale please send me a letter telling who the artist and song title was.Thank you.

  3. Hey Gerard, I found out who sang that song and by what group. It is called “The Funeral”, by Band Of Horses.

  4. thank you!! iv spent the last 2 hours watching the finale over and over again to try to make out the lyrics to the song in the end. took me forever, and i coulda sworn iv heard that song in the series finale of the oc. okay, so im gonna tell ya wut happened now, since this thing isn’t very updated.
    trent and sam stay together, but sam goes on a road trip with dawn, so that gives trent a month to think about how he really feels about sam. and he goes to get clean!!! i loved the ending, it was completely perfect. and kathryn leaves charles U bc of her parents, and guess who hops a plane to go after her????? guess!!! lol, okay, its noah. awwww, i guess that kiss kathryn gave him really made him wanna chase after her lol. letz c, wut else, well…. devon, before the show ended- sorri im not goin in order lol, tells sam he still loves her, but sam blows him off for trent

  5. You are very welcome Lauran. :) Happy to help you out.

    I downloaded the song from Limewire and you are right, the lyrics are very hard to make out, but it is a GREAT tune. Kinda sounds like a mix of Yes and Porno for Pyro’s.

  6. Does anyone know when the next season is going to start???? Hope some has the answer I love this show thanks.

  7. I have no idea but I’m betting we won’t have to wait forever. Apparently this was a big hit in the States on The-N which bodes really well. I have to admit that orginally I did not want to tune in (I didn’t like the fact that it was set in Boston yet took CanCon money) but after coming across it while channel-surfing a month ago, I was actually impressed with it and tuned over the next few weeks (I saw the last 5 episodes). It’s a really good show–great cast, characters, premise, plotlines. Honestly, it’s worth checking out.

  8. Ally o. Thanks for for the reply. I also did not tune into from the start. Actually one night there was nothing else on and i started to watch it and loved it. I love trent he is gorgeous and Canadian too, actually all the guys on the show are from Canada. I don’t mind that it was not set in Canada it would have been nice but if it had to be in the states i am glad it is Boston I love Boston so much, I spent 4 years in university there and it was amazing a breath taking city that has alot of culture and beauty to it, especially in the fall. The reason they choose Boston is because it is the top city in the united states for top quality universities and colleges. Hopefully the next season will start soon.

  9. Diane thank you for letting me know i will make sure to keep checking. For the official announcement.

  10. I live in the us and cant really wait for the next episodes. I know the season is over in Canada so does anyone know where I can find the episodes online? Global tv.com doesnt work for people in the us =[

  11. well i live in the US too and i don’t think the second seasons gonna start until the shows over here..well i am happy to find out Trent and Sam stay together…I mean here in the US the episode that just aired was the one where Trent and Sam got locked in the back room at colony. I mean there not even really together yet..

  12. What happened in the last episode that aired in the Us? i forgot to tape it and now i don’t know when it will be on again!

  13. In the last episode that aired in the US Colony gets robbed and Sam and Trent are locked in the backroom. And Devon’s jealousy issues get the best of him and leaves Sam a message on her phone that he later regrets and this is the episode in which we also find out that Samantha’s not really Patricks niece because she’s adopted.

  14. oh my god!! thats so intense! i new that she was adopted as soon as patrick found out that their blood type didn’t match. I bet she’s going to look for her real parents some time. What message did Devon leave?

  15. well while Sam was locked in the backroom..Devon basically left a message saying where are you?You slutting around again? so he basically called her a slut..because he was having trust issues after he found out Trent kissed Sam..At the end Sam listened to the message and told him she would never forgive him.

  16. Thanks! wow.. that really sucks.. i don’t really like Sam and Trent together. At first i loved him but then i started thinking he was too needy or weak when he thought of her.. i don’t know. whatever.. how many episodes left till the season finale?

  17. For all of you in the US she is going to meet her birth mom and that is about how much i will tell you i don’t want to spoil it for you. But there is more to it, all i can say is that sam and trent are going to stay together.

  18. i knew it!! ughh i don’t want trent and sam together… What about Dawn? what happened to her?

  19. Well Dawn was so pissed about the whole Trent and Sam kiss so she threatened to tell Devon about it and Sam said she would tell him herself.. so Dawn started having as argument w/ Trent and Sam outside in the hallway and Devon overheard and Sam was sorta forced to tell him about the kiss..Dawn was also really pissed about being in a leg cast and she wasn’t allowed to play Lady Macbeth in the play again..but then later she got like a newspaper and there was a review on the play inside and had all her pictures on it portraying Lady Macbeth so she was fine after that.

  20. is there a site that the people in america can go to, to watch the episodes aired in canada? i’m going out of my mind waiting for these episodes!

  21. omg yes trent and sam are going to get together thanks for telling but what episode was it that they get together gosh i think sam and trent are so cute together not her and devon!

  22. Lindsay i totally agree with you. And for you guys in the U.S I don’t know what website you can go on to watch the last couple of epidsodes here in canada it is Global.com i guess you will just have to wait. But Sam and Dawn will make up and something is going to happen with Katherin but i just don’t want to say it just watch it it’s no fun if i tell you guys. They never announced that they are official together it just happended Trent is always going to be with her they end up going to his parents house for dinner i don’t know if you guys saw that episode yet, and then after that when she goes to meet her birth mom something happens and she goes and meets trent in the bathroom and tells him that she finally found someone who understands her and they kiss and do something else LOL. Anyway just site tight and wait for it all it is going to be an interesting ride for you all. By the way any of you from Boston i love Boston. Bye!

  23. ummmmmm…….did we all forget about devon um excuse me but right about know sam is pissin me off !SHe’s selfish 2 faced and she needs to forgive Devon b/c even when she was lying to him he still forgave her if u were in his position where your girl or guy worked sumwhere with a man hoe or woman hoe and kissed them what thoughts would be running through your head at that point of time he really wasnt thinking she should give him another chance and Dawn is doing the right thing of neglecting Sam .But,i admit she needs to stop before her revenge gets to far.DEvon is a good man who really likes Sam she needs break up with that slut trent and stay with DEvon he will treat her right .unlike trent who knows if hes being unfaithful what makes Sam so different i dont think he will change .SAm is stupid and blind !!
    ilovet this show and devon!! bye

  24. We have not forgotten about Devon.He is a good guy but I don’t think that him and Sam look good together or have much in common. Sam and Trent have gone through bad times and therefore can understand eachother better. Devon is leaving for Italy on a basketball schcolership at the end of the episode so we will see what will happen with that, and trent is going into rehab for his drug problem, you see trent and sam both need eachother for support for there problems.

  25. hey do any of u guys no wat happens with devon and dawn after they……………….you know?!?!?! oh and im mad that sam just blows off devon when he tells her that he still loves her!!!! i want sam and devon to be together. Everyone is like leaving in the last episode is anyone gonna come beck………..gosh!!!!!!

  26. well i agree with alexis sam and trent do belong together trent has been there for sam ever since he brought her that ring that she pawn and well for devon not really…..that much that helpful and trent really loves sam and care for her man i’m sooo mad can’t see the whole season arg……………….

  27. Sydney Devon and Dawn are not going to stay together, they are going to go to some event together and as they take their picture together he calls her sam and then she gets upset, she tells him that it is over because she knows that he is still in love with her.

  28. Lindsay what episode are you at now do you know that trent has a drug problem? if you want i am from canada so the season is over here and i know what is going to happen. Don’t you think trent is gorgeous, i really like his style on the show.

  29. oh thanks alexia thats helps alot. well um so katherine and noah they have some chemistry! thats awesome i just mad about they whole devon and sam thing that they dont get back together. i dont know about you guys but i hate tram alot i like devam alot better!!!!~

  30. Oh rite now alexia they just aired the episode Crusing were sam goes crazy :(. and the next episode is when trent has a drug problem and is the episode when sam and trent get together i think …. so yea and YES alexia trent is gorgeous his style is like a punk and bad boy look:)

  31. I LOVED Sam and Devon together.. I don’t think you need two people that need help being together it makes it too difficult. Devon is a good guy and he loes Sam so much! but do think Trent is gorgeous and i love his style too… but still I just feel so bad for Devon. .and I want Dawn and Sam to make up because i hate them fighting!!

  32. Michelle Sam and Dawn are going to make up so don’t worry, and Devon is a good guy but i just don’t like him with sam. But something interesting is going to come up for Devon by the last episode so make sure you watch although i don’t think you are going to like it.

  33. Sydney there is chemistry between noah and katherine but there is some bad news regarding katherine in the last episode so if you are a fan of them you will be diapointed to see what is going to happen to her. just keep watching.

  34. ugh ill wait.. stuff that I want to happen never happens but ill just have to deal. haha i can’t wait until Friday:-)!

  35. okay in the us they just aried the best years episode who comming to dinner so in the next episode is trent and sam going to be together finally and is trent going to quit coke or not just wondering also how about devon and dawn and katherine and noah?

  36. Lindsay this is the best summary i can give regarding the final last episodes.
    Yes they are going to get together in the next few episodes. And yes trent is going to get help for his coke problem. Dawn and Sam are going to go on a road trip together to LA. Trent is going to stay in Boston and get help for his coke problem and promises Sam that by the time she gets back he will be ok. Devon gets some offer for basketball in Italy and katherine is going to leave Charles U her father is going to come and pick her up. Noah is very upset that she is leaving and tries to explain to her father that whatever happened with that guy that attempted to rape her forget his name is not her fault, he them gets on a plan to go back to montreal for the holidays. And now I just have to wait for the new season to start so i can see what will happen next. P.S you will not be disappointed in regards to Trent and Sam she is not going to leave him thank God LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  37. i just watched the episode where Sam finds out who her mom is. i can’t think of her name.. Alicias mom. (is her aunt) but anyway i think that she should forgive her sometime..but it was a really really good episode. a lot happened!

  38. thanks alexia now i can stop wondering now, they have just aried Five Easy Pieces and wow that was a shocked that dorthy is sams aunt and alicia is…..her cousin. now i just can’t wait till the finale and does anyone now there going to be a 2nd season and when it’s going to aried in the u.s if they don’t have one i will be soooo mad this show is my new obssesion. :)

  39. Lindsay there is going to be a second season. I just don’t know when they are going to air it, it has not even started here in Canada, I am guessing they are waiting for the first season to finish in the U.S. But don’t worry there is definetly going to be a second season just keep checking here they said that they would post it when they found out. OKAY!!!!. Have fun watching the last episode i know you will enjoy it.

  40. I wanted sam and devon to stay together.

    and i wanted catherine to stay and be with noah.

    anddd not gonna lie, i cried. a lot.

  41. okay i just saw the last episode of the best years and wow! that is like my favorite episodes in all the tby episodes. trent and sam……they were like wow together. aww… katherine and noah they were soo cute. i also love when katherine was telling was telling trent about her goals to trent and he was like whatever soo funny. dawn she becoming a better person devon however needs to get over to get over sam like seriously! okay so does anyone know when the 2nd season starts in u.s and canada.

  42. Oh my goodness, I cried a lot too.
    And I totally think Sam should be with Devon.
    Though Trent is soooo sexy, that’s all he is in the show.
    He’s like the sexy guy on the side.
    He’s totally not gonna change his drug habits.
    Sam and Devon are meant for each other!

  43. Does anyone know the name of the song that played during Global TV’s promo of “The Best Years” for the last couple of episodes?

  44. does anyone know the song that played in the season finale “Mommy Dearest” while Sam and Trent were in the shower?

  45. Taylor noah was not going after Katherine he was going home to Canada.

    And there is no word as to when the next season is going to start hopefully soon.

    Just keep checking here they said they would post it.

  46. laura the song in “mommy dearest” when tramantha were in the shower was “white lines and red lights” by Between the Trees. Between the Trees is a really good band my fave song by them is called the way she feels

  47. really kendal???the best years is comming back when i really want to no b?c in the promo for the new shows in 08 there is was no the best years i really hope it come back

  48. i just read on charity shea/samantha best myspace that there will be no season 2 b/c the network says it didn’t fit their new vision for the best so there for they are cancalling it.Also the best years was pick up for a season 2 and they were all ready to shoot the season but got cancelled this is soo sad. if u want to make sure go check her myspace

  49. Yay!! the best years is back!!! TWO YEARS LATER…… April 21, 2009. The-n must have realized that this show was awesome but i cant believe that sam has new love interests I wanted to c trent and her stay together they were so cute together. yay!!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO C IT!

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